Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Our frightful goblins.

Incredibly good Witch.

Beware of Cujo

The Munsters

From behind the shadows....the Mummy.

May your Halloween 2008 be delightfully scary.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fit Friday week #2

Well week two came and went so quickly. I think it is because I am actually doing something physical almost everyday. It might be because I am a bit competitive and although we are not competing with each other I am competing with my inner self to make some major changes. I hear that little voice in my head saying "workout tomorrow, stay home, it's cold." Funny how the devil works in one's life in issues like diet and fitness. However, I have not caved in to this evil creature that lurks...trying to doom my personal success. I have included in my prayers that I change habits that can hurt me in the health department that the Lord gives me strength to succeed in reaching a healthy weight. With His help.....I know I can!!!
So let's review week two shall we.

My goals were to keep track of all food consumed, attend my weigh in, work out and walk.
Lets see how well I did.

I was very good about tracking my food. Doing it online with weight watchers is easy and there is no guessing on points or thumbing through books to find the point value of food. So I get a check mark in that area.

Workouts. Check. F,M, T and W.

Walking. 1/8 of a Check. I didn't get to walk with my neighbor Michelle as much over the past week. For one reason or another but mainly because we have both agreed that the 745 walk time slot has become too cold for the babies. We are working on finding an afternoon time slot that works for both of us. That is tough because our nap schedules are different even though we have similar age babies. Then as any mom knows that precious time after nap time is usually errand time so it has been a "work" in progress to find some even ground. We did manage to walk together once this week.

Weigh in. Check. I dropped another 1.6lbs! Still believing in Slow and Steady WINS the Race!
I am thinking that if I keep losing around this number I will lose close to 10lbs(maybe 12) by Christmas. 10lbs can really be a lot when you haven't shopped for a new Christmas outfit in two years. Also it is 10 closer to hitting my anniversary goal weight.

Something I added this week of which I am very proud of is Running.
I ran in my very first 5k. I did an event called Run the Woodlands. My brother in law, Evan has been encouraging me to run. He is big time into running and has told me that I will see great strides in my weight loss quest if I add running into the mix. So I finally decided to give it a whirl and you know what, I actually liked it. Not that I hadn't jogged in my past life. I was on track in High School and would run in College off and on but doing it now seemed different. Maybe it was because I have a mission in mind. A goal to reach. On this particular run my mind kept thinking "You must actually run more than walk"....impressively I did just that. I also wanted to finish with out having cardiac arrest. I crossed the finish line and decided that I will go back for more. The event is on the second and forth Saturday of each month. So I am adding two committed Saturday events to my goal list with running in between. Let's see that weight roll off shall we. Thanks Evan for altering your run so you could run with me.

I want to give a big thank you to my husband and babies who got up early & in the cold to come watch. Campbell and Daddy hung out together while Travis enjoyed the running trail in the baby jogger.

So that was a summary of my week. Tomorrow starts week three and I am looking forward to it. Good luck to all of you out there getting "hot for the holidays." Want to join in.....come on, you deserve it.

Head over to It's Almost Naptime for more Fit Friday.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

for more Wordless Wednesday's click here.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It's quiet....the children are sleeping. Hubby is out on a business call. Oh, the is almost scary. I do like it but it will be short lived which is just fine with me. I like the chaos, I love the noise of busy minds at play. It is nice to get a break sometimes but man I just wouldn't change places with any one during this chapter in my life. Some times I just have to thank the Lord for such blessings...quiet and all the noise. Grin.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday

It's that time of week again folks. It's time for "Not Me Monday" all started by MckMama and joined in by so many. Come along and join the fun either by playing along or by reading all the "Not Me Monday" followers.

I most certainly did not feel too tired tonight to almost not do my "Not Me Monday."
I did not actually run the majority of a 5k run (my first) thinking the whole time when is this over.
I did not worry the hole time I was running if my little baby's hat was falling off....I had a pace to keep....couldn't stop.
I did not look utterly shocked when my two year old puked the minute we got into the restaurant to eat a celebratory breakfast after the run.
I certainly did not look all around the restaurant hoping that no one was noticing what was happening.
I absolutely did not let my husband handle it all.
I did not again look all around trying to make light of the issue of puke.

I did not keep track of all my "not me's" only to find that my scrap paper was missing.
I most certainly did not act like a two year old when I couldn't find the scrap paper.
I did not get mad and pout when I was told it was in the trash.
I did not get upset and use naughty language with the person that threw it away.
I did not later apologize for my childish ways.

Since my list went bye bye. I don't have much to say this week. But click the "Not Me Monday" button on my side bar to find more "Not Me Monday's."

This week I think I will save mine in "word."

Till next Monday.....

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fit Friday week #1

Let's recap shall we. Last week I decided to join the fitness bandwagon over at It's Almost Naptime. Missy debuted her bloggy world non competitive "Hot for the Holidays" Fit Friday extravaganza.

Well let's just say I let it all hang out and let the world (OK, bloggy world that is) know of my desire to lose weight. You can go here to see my original post. But basically I said that I wanted to lose 38 big ones. Yep 38 pounds need to shed from my body. No doubt I will slowly shed them but as grandam would say;slow and steady wins the race.

Just so I can be accountable let's see what my course of action was & just how well I did.

1. I joined weight watchers. In the words of Little Einsteins and my daughter...."I can not believe it!" Money commitment so I went back.
2. I will be committed to tracking my food and following the plan. You bet...I even used the online tracker at
3. I joined the gym. I am committed to going three days a week. I was at the gym on M,T &W nights. This is also a $$$ commitment so I feel strongly about going.
4. I will walk with my neighbor who has kids the same age. She has lost her weight...and has a cool stroller. I will walk with her 4-5 days a week. Walked M, T, W & TH.

So I did it. I followed my plan for one whole week. I am very proud of myself for staying on course and not getting distracted. Was I rewarded for my efforts? Are you ready?

I lost 1.4 lbs!!! That might not sound like a lot but it is near the healthy 2lbs per week weight loss recommendation. Thursday nights are my weigh in so it fits in perfect with this bloggy event. I also got my measurements done at the gym on Tuesday. Those were not so exciting. However, now I can visualize the pounds coming off in inches as well because I will get remeasured every 3 weeks. For future comparison here are those not so exciting figures about my current figure.

Body Fat%: 37.9%(yikes...considered overweight)
The next four items is how my body fat was calculated.
Bicep: 10
Triceps: 22
Subscapular: 36
Lliac-Crest: 38

Then the tape measure came out.
Neck: 14
Chest: 37 (taken just under the arms before breast area due to nursing)
Forearm: 10
Waist: 37(long way away from that 24 inch I use to have at 107)
Hip: 39
Thigh: 22
Calf: 16.5 (I have always had boy legs)

I did find out that I have a unusual amount of lean muscle which I guess is a good thing for the amount of fat I have. Lean muscle was at 96 and fat at 59.
So that's my figure...cant wait to see it melt into "hot little me" by my anniversary and start to look "hot for the holidays."

Just to note, I wasn't lazy on Saturday and Sunday I did some stroller rides with the kids and bike rides. We were on the move but those weren't in my plan.

So with one week under my belt I am anxious to start this next week. I will be working the same plan again because it seems to work for me. See you all next week with another update of Fit Friday.

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I Voted Today

Early voting was a breeze. The line took 29 minutes to get through.
I had only one baby with me so I was able to keep the noise to a small roar.
So since I already placed my vote there will be no swaying me from one side to another.
I guess if my heart feels pulled then I will have to live with regret.
One more thing....remember to's your American duty, privilege and honor.
Besides you can only complain if you got your Butt out there and casted your vote.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

6th photo folder, 6th photo

When browsing blog world I came across this fun little tag game people were playing. At Brittany's blog is where I decided to play along on my computer to see what I could find. So I followed the directions of going to my sixth photo folder under my pictures and selected the sixth picture in that folder.

This is what I found.

Campbell and Daddy when she was five days old. This is a visit in the NICU for daddy. I think this was my release date. I was so sad to be leaving her behind. Seems like a life time ago. I look at this picture and get teary eyed because their bond is so strong....They loved each other right from the tiny tiny early days. Thanks Honey for being such a good daddy....she broke you in well.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday

Hello Folks it time to play Not me Monday! Are you ready? For more fun "Not Me" Mondays head over to My Charming Kids. Heck join in. To see the original MckMama "Not Me" Monday post and review the game rules. I promise you will have fun.

I did not have a severe attack of road rage when another driver didn't keep her lane and almost killed me and my kids.

I did not scream like a crazy woman at the above said driver. I did not follow her trying to get her to pull over. I did not get so mad that I could feel my heart pounding. Apparently I need some help. I am grateful that I gave up my pursuit.

I did not lose weight last week. I did not ask the lady to reweigh me. I did not bask in the glory of that small win. Most importantly I did not pray on the way up the stairs to the weigh in "please let me have lost some weight dear Lord." I did not praise him loudly after the second weigh in with a big "thank you Lord for answered prayers."

I did not have my children watch three episodes of word world on the DVR so I could get through folding some laundry and other chores in peace. I would never use a show as great as that as a baby sitter for 30 minutes or longer now and then.

I did not attempt to steal the collegiate flag of a dear friend because his school is about to play mine. I did not think that his super wife ratted me out when I got to there home only to find no flag flying. I did not get excited to watch said game only to find out that failure to review schedule has consequences. NO game.

And finally I did NOT post on my blog my weight. No I would never admit my true weight and all of the issues. I did not open myself up to those who stop by to see "all of me" in words and a few pictures with a new bloggy commitment of Fit Fridays at It's Almost Naptime. I did not feel scared and embarrassed every time I was about to read a comment. I did not feel uplifted and positive for the week ahead by the support that was left from kind readers.

Check in next week for another round of "Not Me" Monday. Leave me a comment if you are playing so I can check out what you did not do last week.

Happy week to you all.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

The wicked web of weight woven for me...sometimes by me

So here I am blogging about weight. Yep. Not so fun, got a lot of it, have to do something about it, weight. YUCK! But I figure if I say it out loud it might just be helpful to getting rid of the jiggle that doesn't make me giggle.

I have decided to team up with Missy at It's Almost Naptime and a few other determined souls that want to get rid of the part of us that shames, bugs or disturbs us most...yep...the weight.

Here is my story, a few frightful pictures and my game plan.

I am a fun loving, like to play and have fun kind of girl. I am the mother of two young kids (16.5 months apart...oh you can visualize part of my issue right here cant you?) I also suffer from two autoimmune diseases both of which I would kill to be with out.

When I met my husband I was a very unhealthy 107lb. The sad thing is that hadn't been my lowest weight. At one point I was under 100lbs all due in part to having Ulcerative Colitis. Sickly enough, I actually loved being 107. I felt good when I looked in the mirror and got compliments all the time. It actually made being sick bearable because I was being stroked and uplifted for being so "tiny." Now I can see how people with eating disorders feel. Sadly, I sometimes wish I would come out of remission so this weight would quickly disappear. Terrible I know but we all have mental baggage and maybe that will be a link to another blog one day.

When my husband and I got married I was at 115lbs rising to 117 one week a month. Never ever admitting what I am about to...I hated being in that weight zone, I longed for the 107. However, I knew that I was a bit more healthy at that spot on the scale. I think the 8lb weight gain was in short to being more clam...which is good for a UC patient and also all those dating meals. Yummy.

After being married for a year I was hospitalized for my it came...what I had dreaded most. I was placed on steroids. First through the IV then threatened with a pick line if I didn't take the darn pills. This was a really ugly battle for me inside. I knew the steroids would most likely make me better. But what I also knew is that it would pad me up. I would gain weight. My sick mind longing for that 107 (I was at 111) fought the thought of what would happen to me. Puffy, insomnia and a out of control hunger is what the result was...just as I had thought. I fought the hunger as best as I could, proud of myself for only gaining 12lbs. This was a small amount of weight for the dose I was on. I was weaned off the steroid gradually week after week. I began my fight to lose those 12lbs....I think I lost 3...yep pretty sure only 3lbs went away. So there I sat at 120lb. You can imagine that I wasn't happy. Oh how I would be now.

In late 2004 after being somewhat UC free. I say this somewhat jokingly because if you know UC you are never completely somewhat free. Unless you are told officially that you are in remission. Then it really is just a ticking time bomb before it strikes again. Hmmm, wondering when that might be...ugh stop that ML! In that later part of that year as well as earlier that year we had tried to get pregnant...several miscarriages later we ended that year unsuccessful in that area. We started 2005 hopeful but I wasn't feeling well. I wasn't looking well. I was puffy and not from steroids. I felt tired. I was losing hair and irritable. In February we thought we were pregnant. I was ecstatic. But then told it was a three day pregnancy...not viable. Let down again and still not feeling well. By this time I was up to 126 and really starting to not feel good about myself...oh that 107 right. My OB ran some tests the next month as we were going to be sent off to a fertility specialist. One day when I was there and she was reviewing some results she told me that I had off the chart thyroid issues. That I needed to go and meet with an Endocrinologist. So not only was I going to meet with a reproductive endocrinologist I had to meet with an endocrinologist. When interviewing "fertility" doctors we were told that nothing could happen until by my GI and Endocrinologist signed off on me being healthy enough to "get" pregnant. So then began the waiting game.

I got in with the Endocrinologist and found out just how tricky this little thyroid can be. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease. I was told that it would be a long road to getting it right. It was. 10 months, 10 long months. Each month the nurse would call with my results. She got use to just saying to me; "not this month...sorry." I secretly hated that nurse until the day she called me and said "this month, this month you are cleared. You can try to have that baby." I out loud loved that nurse that day. I think I might even have told her that I loved her...her words. So I was released by my GI and the Endocrinologist....did I mention that during this 10 month period I was admitted back into the hospital again. Another round of steroids. Another 10lbs added to me. I was sitting at 136 while listening to the plan again on how we would make a baby. I say again because during those 10 months we under went tests and had come up with a game plan. This game plan would be put into motion as soon as I was given the green light. We didn't want to miss the window of opportunity. We didn't want me to get sick again. There was already a yellow light blinking that I might not have a healthy pregnancy due to the UC. But oh how I conquered that. I got pregnant. I loved being pregnant. I was told I was in remission during my pregnancy. Did I mention I loved being pregnant. I never felt so good. I felt normal. I felt blessed. I did however notice the scale going up and up. I figured after the baby I would lose weight, I would lose the extra weight from two rounds of steroids and the thyroid weight. I was a strong willed person. I could do it. Yep...I was a little wrong.

I ended my first pregnancy at 158 on delivery day. I gained 22lbs. Pretty good I thought. I came in under the 25 typical weight gain. I was proud of myself, I had 22lbs of baby to lose and then I thought I could lose another 20 to get back to somewhat healthy me. 116. Yep didn't happen.

I got down to 138. I was hopeful. I was wearing pre pregnancy jeans. Then Mr. Thyroid started lurking....I don't like him. I went up in weight. I felt terrible. I needed to see a doctor. They told me I had several tumors on my thyroid. We would need to biopsy. I could have thyroid cancer. Did I mention I don't like Mr. Thyroid. Luckily, no cancer. By the way Thyroid cancer is one of easiest cancers to help the body rid itself of. However, I was up to 147. 147 that is 40 more than 107, my sick mind surely didn't like that. The doctor adjusted my medication and guess what....the next month I found myself pregnant. Pregnant with the starting weight of 147. I had mixed emotions. Can you diet when pregnant. OK that thought quickly left my mind when I saw that tiny little heart beat on the u/s machine.

So 147 and starting a second pregnancy with a under one year old baby. I thought to myself. 'You only gained 22 last time maybe this time you wont gain that much. Maybe you will lose it all right after the baby is born. You'll have two. You'll be super busy." I was pretty sure I would be OK. So when second baby was delivered I was at 171. That was a weight gain of 24lbs. 24lbs, 2lbs more than my first pregnancy...must be because I had a boy the second time. I was determined to lose the weight. I needed to get back at least to that 147 and then slowly back to 136 and then finally near...OK not the 107, I just wanted to float between 117 and 120. That would make me happy.

I am still not happy. I am not happy because I haven't gotten any where near where I want to be. I am sad because I look in the mirror and wonder who that person is. I am sad because as adoring as it is to see how much my children love me, their mother. You know that feeling you get when they look and smile at you. To them you are the "prettiest mommy" in the world. I love that feeling. I hate that it fades so fast. It makes me sad that my babies wont have any or just one or two pictures of mommy and me in there baby albums. I opt to take the pictures.
Weight loss is not from the lack of trying. I watch what I eat. I admit that I have a sweet tooth and sometimes I eat on the run...I am human. But I have a degree in nutrition darn it, I should be better at this. I exercise...walk almost everyday. But something more has to be done.

I want to have pictures in their books. I want to be thin. I want to be thin and healthy. I want to feel good in my jeans. I want to feel good in my own skin. Heck truth be said. "I want to feel good naked." I am sure most of you out there understand what I mean.

So I have started my journey of weight loss. I have committed to lose 38lbs because well truth be told. I turned 38 and figured that was a good number to lose. Would I like to lose more. Yep. You bet. I would love to lose 50lb. OK its out there. If I would love to lose 50 than that means I have 50lbs to lose. SO here it goes. I am going to post my weight for all the world and there cousin to see. I weigh 155.6lbs. That means I have only lost 16lbs from the second pregnancy. But 155....that is a long way from the 107 that I use to be. 107 unhealthy pounds compared to 155, which by the way is also unhealthy because I am only 5'2. Unhealthy weight issues that's me.
That is all of me. So my resolve is to be a healthy 117. Can that happen all these years later...I married back in 2003. Well I will strive to do it. The day I want to be at my target weight, you ask. March 29th 2009. My wedding anniversary. I want to feel good naked. Grin.

Here is my plan.

1. I joined weight watchers. In the words of Little Einsteins and my daughter...."I can not believe it!"
2. I will be committed to tracking my food and following the plan.
3. I joined the gym. I am committed to going three days a week.
4. I will walk with my neighbor who has kids the same age. She has lost her weight...and has a cool stroller. I will walk with her 4-5 days a week.

That's how I will do it. That's what I am committed too. Do I think I will lose it all by the holidays. NOPE. But I can at least try to lose 1/2. Then God willing I will have it off by my above mentioned goal date. Do I long for UC to set back in? Truth be told I have uttered the words. BUT I know that I would be no good to anyone. My family would suffer if that was the case. Will it happen at some point. Yes...its a time bomb ticking down. I will battle that when the time comes. For now I just want to battle the jiggle that doesn't make me giggle!!!

Follow my progress every Friday as I strive to get fit. Pray that I am guided to fitness. God helps those that help themselves. Right? Right!!! God help me...I started helping myself.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

**for more Wordless Wednesday go here.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Not me Monday (my #1 week)

So I decided to join the fun over at My Charming Kids with the "Not Me Monday." She has been doing this for several weeks now and what fun people are having with this.

I did not get a terrible cold from my adorable 10 month old child.
I did not nap on Sunday afternoon with the monitor on to see when Travis woke up from his nap only to see how long daddy on duty would take to go get him. YIKES. I did not just say that out loud in blog world.
I did not talk to my two year old about the issue of going to bed hungry if she didn't eat her dinner. Issues we are not having with this head strong little one does not happen just during dinner time.
I did not start laundry only to not feel up to folding it.
I did not stuff diapers (we use cloth) and then not leave them on my couch hoping the diaper fairy would put them away.
I did not remember that today was a bank holiday when it was important to get a check in the account on friday.
I did not get upset when realizing that I would not be able to go to my 20 year high school reunion.
I did not wish that my husband would get up this morning and manage the kids so I could sleep more.
I did not curse the evil person that gave my son this germ that has infected my entire household.

I DO hope that I played the game right. Cant wait to journal what I did not do this week for the upcoming Monday's post...should be interesting.

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The family I have been praying for, the family I asked you to join me in praying loudly for has shared some AMAZING news!!!!! Go visit, go see. Check out how God answers prayers.

Congratulations It's a Corny Life!!!!!

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Two years back

So there is nothing special about October 12th but for some reason I was browsing through my computer files of pictures. Then it struck me that for there were two October 12th's with just Campbell and this year it included Travis. Sure there might be pictures in that very large computer file that have the same dates but honestly I couldn't find two files that had the exact date. So here is a look back in time and back again to this day. This perfect day we had. Even though all of us are was perfect. We were all together, we had laughs, we had naps and we even made our way out to the park for some swing time. October 12....just another day as a family.

Campbell and Mommy at almost 3 months

Daddy and Campbell at almost 15 months.

Campbell (almost 27 months) and Travis (10 months)

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

what's new at the clubhouse.

Lots of happenings at the ole clubhouse these days.

Travis is growing nicely he weighed in the other day at 18lbs12ounces and 27.5 inches.....he is cruising along in the "average" category for size and weight. However to know him he is anything but "average."

His personality is just so amazing. Quite the lover and definitely a mommy's boy for the time being. Lance and I joke that there comes a time when all of a sudden the kids realize that daddy hung the moon and mommy takes back seat. So for now, I am enjoying the fact that Travis loves me so much. Travis is crawling and trying to walk by holding on to items. He craves being on the floor to play and crawl around. In fact this morning when he knew we were going on a walk....he crawled to the back door....the door was open as I had just pulled the stroller out into the drive and if I hadn't scooped him up I do believe he would have crawled right out the door. I wish I would have had the video camera because he was in his sweater and hat and just looked so cute trying to escape into the outdoors.

Travis loves to be with people and HATES it when people leave the room. He adores his sister and loves to be where she is, if not right on top of her.

Travis is a big fan of the sippy cup but is just beginning to be OK with doing it himself. He would really rather have mommy hold it. Travis also is a big fan of table food and is not so interested in "baby" food any more. His favorites right now are green beans, cucumbers, apples and carrots. I see him watching us eat and it is funny how he gives me the heisman when I approach him with some cereal. Guess we are moving on to making one more plate at meal time.

He is a man of little words but he does give us some good giggles and baby babble. He is certainly our child....Campbell talked a lot early in life and then went quiet for a while. Travis seems to be doing the same.

I can hardly believe that he is officially two months and counting away from being a one year old. Oh my!!!!

In the toddler world our two year old, Campbell, has hit the road running. She is amazing us everyday with what she says and does. Not to mention the typical "terrible two" activities that grace our home at least every other day. Some days I pray for more patience than a normal person should have.

Campbell can count to 10 from zero and is learning 11-20 right now. Her favorite number in the 11-20 category is 14 which is funny because for the longest time she would omit "7" when saying the numbers 1-10. Some can hardly believe that she can count but not only can she count she recognizes the numbers. She actually knows them...mix up that flash card deck...there is no way you can stump her. The alphabet song is being sung on a daily her. She just loves to sing it....often really loud starting at "Q" and what is so adorable is when she says "next time sing with me." Again simply knowing the letters in order wasn't enough for her. She will tell you all the letters she sees in any order. Recognition and Memorization is what she seems to have mastered already.

Campbell L-O-V-E-S to read. More times than not she will tell you "read book." One of her favorite books right now is the Very Hungry Caterpillar. She stunned us the other day when she pointed at each object on the page and told us what the Caterpillar ate on Saturday....if you know this book you know it is a very long list of items and she nailed them all. Whew! I think I might be needing a tutor when she gets into school just to stay ahead of the game.

She also is crazy about hitting golf balls with daddy off the deck in the back yard. I think for Christmas a putter or iron might find it's self under the tree. Soon she will be taking lessons at a course from an instructor. Daddy will become the practice coach. Maybe she will be a future LPGA star.

Another area Campbell has excelled in is being potty trained and drinking from a real cup. I transitioned her so that only the "baby" would be in diapers and drink from a sippy. This has really made her into a big girl as you can tell that it gives her a sense of being "big." She reminds me when ever I am changing Travis that she" only goes pee pee and poo poo in the potty chair." Not to mention when ever he is trying to master the sippy...that "only babies" use sippy cup mommy. I think she might be a little competitive too as she seems to want to learn all the time.

Both babies love bike rides and we now have a new baby seat for my bike. Family rides are quite the favorite and I must say is the best part of my day lately. They get so much pleasure from it that it makes my heart sing. Travis is still adjusting to his helmet but once we are moving man is he a fan. Campbell still loves her one on one bike rides with Daddy but is becoming a good sport about brother and mommy tagging along most of the time now. I am so happy that I finally get to use the bike my husband bought me when I was pregnant last summer. I rode it after Travis was born but now that he fits in a seat and is much more fun.

They are also learning to play together better each day. I am hearing more sounds of laughter coming from the play room which warms my heart. However, those moments dwindle when I enter the room again. For some reason when I am present they can't seem to get along. Sibling rivalry runs heavy most of the time but soon I truly believe that they will be best of friends.

Both babies are growing and learning so much. It amazes me every day that Lance and I created such wonderful and adorable babies. OK, so I am a bit bias. Every day I thank the Lord that we were blessed with these two little ones. I am in awe of what He gave us.

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