Saturday, October 30, 2010

Go Sun Devils!

We need a win! We need a WIN in a big way!

Let's Go Devils!

A loyal fan,

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Monday, October 25, 2010

It was a hot one!

So going to the pumpkin patch is just wrong in the heat!
There is NOTHING fall time about it.

UGH! Last year it was cool, crisp and oh so fall like. See here is proof....

This! Did not make for good smiles during picture time.

However, we did endure the heat and found a great pumpkin.
We had laughs and high fives as we won racing ducks in the duck race.....shh! everyone wins.
Riding the train was a high point again this year. Travis did question why the train wasn't on the track which was pretty observant for a 2.75 year old....well maybe not for this one that is
The train is actually a make shift train on some four wheeler wheels.
Thinking next year the hay ride will be the winner as he may have figured out that it really is a "pretend" train.

Campbell of course made it to the top of a pumpkin pile with ease. Coming down was a bit harder but she enjoyed scaling the mountain o' pumpkin.

Both enjoyed the jumpy house with slides and meeting some goats.

Even in the heat we did enjoy our time at the pumpkin patch.
Our ending highlight was enjoying Kool Aid and Popcorn.

How has your pumpkin patch experience gone this year?

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A look back

A look back on my three favorite year ago today.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh no!

So a few weeks ago Travis was running in the house. I was not present when he fell. I was...uh....well....I was....taking a "potty break".

He had run into the bathroom and was laughing and so happy. I asked him kindly and sternly "please do not run in the house." With his boyish charm ran out the door, laughing and saying "I'm having fun!"

All of a sudden I hear him screaming! wait make that...SCREAMING!
Being in this particular "break room" takes a few minutes to leave. Um....I all understand.

So I get to him and he is bleeding from the mouth. My heart starts to race. I start to panic. Thinking he is now missing teeth. I take a deep breath and let my urge to cry and get hysterical because my child is bleeding leave my body.

I open his mouth and see ALL teeth in place and none broken. (let's back up....I assure you this....there was hand washing in place.) I feel his teeth and none seem lose.

I ask him to calm down and tell me what happened. He cries, screams and cries more. We hug. I then repeat. "calm down and tell mama." He says "I fell down. I was running. I was having fun." then starts to cry/scream all over again. We hug some more. I ask him to show me where he fell. He shows me the window. The window molding. Apparently he fell into the window molding that frames the window. OH NO! I shudder. I can only imagine that he broke some of his fall with his hands because NO teeth were missing.

We end up with a very fat lip and a sore mouth. I think about calling the doctor or dentist but decide since NO teeth were broken/missing/chipped not too.

OH NO! maybe I should have called......yesterday in his sick state(we (mama, him and sissy) all have bronchitis) of coughing and me blowing his nose I noticed that his front teeth seemed discolored. I thought maybe it was just my eyes. I look again. I think maybe it's from lunch I didn't brush his teeth after. Then later I look again.....they are NOT white. OH NO!

Today I looked and they are a little on the gray side and seem to be the same color on the inside.
I think from the trauma of the fall. Now we have to go to see the dentist. I pray that this has not affected his permanent teeth up above these precious baby ones.

OH NO!!!! Today I suffer from "potty break" guilt.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010


EXCITING NEWS to share....stay tuned!!!


After weeks of trying.

Some pushing.

Some begging.

Some coaxing.

We finally can share the news........It really is BIG!

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Fun Run!

Now this leaves me REALLY having to go backwards after this post to talk about the first day of preschool. So I'll do that soon. I have one started.

This fun little school that my kids attend have a super fun fundraiser called a FUN RUN!
They set the foyer up with cones and track ribbons. Play really load music and run, run, run!

Travis ran on Thursday and Campbell ran today.

Here are some pictures of my "athletes" in action.

Leader of the pack!

Great Stride!

Relaxing after the run!

Serious Racer.

Future Marathon Runner.

Heading to the Finish Line!

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