Saturday, February 27, 2010

When Mama...

When mama was away at the hospital a few things happened.

Like Valentine's day at school.
Meals were delivered for my family, one came with cupcakes...I think Travis enjoyed those.And these supplies became obsolete at my home!!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010


UPDATED 2: Here are the darling dresses I got at the Smockaholics Anonymous Sale. While two aren't smocked dresses they were too cute not to pick up. I went with a mission in mind to find a smocked dress with a bunny on it. Low and behold I found one. Perfectly pink and all Easterfied & the best's a size 4t so she can wear it two years in a row. Now I just have to find the prefect shirt for under it as it is a bit big for this year. My favorite dress is pictured with the bunny dress...the story behind's from Paris, France! Brought back as a gift for one of the genius minds behind Smockaholics Anonymous daughters! My eyes found that dress as soon as I found the 3t rack and it is just so lovely!!!! I can't wait for the next sale!

I went to the sale this morning and found the cutest little dresses for Campbell. I even found one with bunnies and easter eggs on it. She loved it! I'll post some pictures of my stash of dresses.

If you love smock clothing than look at this. I love it and am off to check out the consignment sale tomorrow. Hoping to find a matching sister and brother outfit for Easter, 4th July, etc.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010


Missing one mommy from her home. Where has she been? She's been in the hospital for a very long, long six days! Tomorrow will be one week and well I am hopeful I will get to go home.

My little boo boo bunny tells me everyday how she wants me to come home "today mama, why not today?" Breaks. My. Heart!

The little man in my life lovingly says "I love you mommy." which just melts my heart.

My mom, what a blessing she is to our family. I am so thankful that she has been here. She has been missing from her home for a very, VERY long time. We appreciate your love and constant giving. I promise dad you can your wife home soon....Maybe April.

My husband, thank you. I love you. I could not have endured all this with out your support.

So as I get ready for bed, in this fine hospital room. I realize that I miss my family so much and just how much value family has. God was so smart to create the "family." For that I am truly, truly grateful!!!

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

a way to pass the time

So we embarked on Potty Training Travis in late January and it has been better than I expected. He has caught on and although HATES being bothered to go to the potty because you know leaving your cars (limited as we have put most things away) can be SO TERRIBLE!!! insert screaming and crying here. But once he gets there he is fine. We had limited accidents the first week. The first day of the power house training was as if I had opened up a fire hydrant. But after that day it has been smooth sailing. This week was our first big outings. We went to the shoe store which with my kids is never a quick trip because 1. they LOVE shoes especially Campbell. and 2. our shoe store of choice is in a toy store. The second outing was today when Nana, he and I went to HEB. So shopped we did for not doing a "big run" and he was F-I-N-E!
Tomorrow will be church.

I am so glad we did this now as Travis is strong willed and I believe in my heart that if I would have waited until he was older that I would have world war 3 on my hands. So hats off to Travis who is doing so well. To my mom for being....AWESOME!!! To Campbell for encouraging her brother and enjoying the candy rewards herself for a job well done in the cheering section. To Daddy for being great at "quick park breaks" and "do you have dry pants checks."

However Travis might look back on this way of "passing" time in between bathroom visits as extreme torture from his big sister. Happy Potty Days Travis!

XO, Mommy

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

wordless wednesday: subtitles.

A cold winters day we played outside for a little

even in the midst of potty training.....

this one is for Ms. Michelle.

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