Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Outpatient Surgery for Travis

Today Travis went in to have ear tubes placed and adenoids removed. I was thinking he would be cranky after surgery but shortly after he realized that he was in mommy's arms in recovery he snuggled up for a good hour nap while waiting to be discharged. He drank like a champ prior to falling asleep on me and didnt even cry when they took the IV out of his right arm/wrist area.

Everyone commented on how good he did prior to surgery when they took him from me and just how great he was afterwards in recovery. He continued to surprise me at home where all day he was as happy as could be. Must be the Tylenol 3 w/that little extra kick he is on but I am also thinking that the tubes may have released some head pressure.

I just hope that ear infections stay away from him from now on. I am hoping that tomorrow he will be as happy as he was today especially since he will be in the care of my mom, his Nana. I will be off having another colonoscopy done to gather more evidence on whether or not I will need surgery. I am praying that this second look will prove the first wrong. If you want to follow my surgery blog please click here to flip over.

I have a picture of Travis on my cell phone prior to surgery and will hope that it is a post worthy picture. Will try to do that in the morning. For now, I am just grateful that all went well today and keeping my fingers crossed that he has a good nights sleep.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Look who's three!

Dear Campbell,
Today you turned three.

No longer a baby.

no longer a toddler.

You are now officially a preschooler!

Today I cried a little to think that time has gone by so fast.
Not too long ago you were whisked off to the NICU.
All the while I thought I would lose my mind if I did not see you,
hold you, feed you, love you, gaze at you.
I have been blessed to do all those things for you over the last three years.
I have enjoyed it all.
Even on the toughest of days when I thought again
I might lose my mind.

You have been such a blessing to our lives.
We rejoiced in knowing you were created in my womb,
We were so proud to learn of your excellent growth at each ultra sound.
Our lives were forever changed when you appeared to us
some five weeks early...your birthday July 21, 2006.

Since then you have filled our hearts with laughter and love beyond compare.
Your curious nature and sweet demeanor is something that we adore.
Your love for learning sets our hopes on fire for what your future will hold.

I can not even begin to express what you mean to me.
I know that you are only three
but one day you will know what it is like
to love someone the way I do you.
The way your daddy loves you.
But for now you can enjoy loving baby dolls & beloved brown bunny.
You can love to dance, sing & talk.
You can be crazy in love with Nana.
You can love to read and gather leaves & rocks.
Enjoy loving life just the way you do because it truly makes this world a better place.

Sweet girl I hope that you enjoyed your third birthday with it's magic of butterfly wings and antennas with your little friends at the butterfly museum.
I hope that in your heart you know that today we celebrated life,
we celebrated YOU!

I love you baby bunny!
Yours always,
Mommy Bunny

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

not so wordless.

So out in the world right now there is this little family* who is in need of prayers. I don't think they have a blog but here is a youtube video you can watch or go to this site for more details soon. They are in AZ at Phoenix Children's and I pray that the great physician will heal their precious daughter or rather His precious daughter.
Do you have a minute to pray?

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* This family has been listed on these sites in search of prayer warriors.

Mitchell, Self and Bring the Rain.

Wordless Wednesday

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Today we participated in our neighborhood parade. The babies really seemed to enjoy our patriotic bike ride and waving to the folks that stood on each corner. There were a lot of families out in the parade. Lots more than in the last two years so it was exciting to see how our little neighborhood is moving into a young family scene. It was once one of the places to settle and well most of those parents that settled have stayed even though their kids have grown and have settled else where with now their little families. Our friends the Sanders, whom today we called (affectionately of course) the Bystanders because they watched rather than joined in took some pictures of us and I hope to get a copy so I can share. Their babies looked like they enjoyed waving their flags watching fire trucks, ambulances, families on bikes, babies in strollers and wagons, police cars, vintage cars, the swim team (throwing candy) on the back of a flat trailer being pulled by a truck, kids on ATVs, scooters, etc go by.

There is normally a big ta do at the clubhouse but we have yet to make it there. Maybe next year. Maybe next year us and our friends the Bystanders will dive into the "scene" at the clubhouse but then again we don't want to get too crazy now do we.

Happy 4th of July! I hope your day was happy and thankful.


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