Thursday, October 9, 2008

what's new at the clubhouse.

Lots of happenings at the ole clubhouse these days.

Travis is growing nicely he weighed in the other day at 18lbs12ounces and 27.5 inches.....he is cruising along in the "average" category for size and weight. However to know him he is anything but "average."

His personality is just so amazing. Quite the lover and definitely a mommy's boy for the time being. Lance and I joke that there comes a time when all of a sudden the kids realize that daddy hung the moon and mommy takes back seat. So for now, I am enjoying the fact that Travis loves me so much. Travis is crawling and trying to walk by holding on to items. He craves being on the floor to play and crawl around. In fact this morning when he knew we were going on a walk....he crawled to the back door....the door was open as I had just pulled the stroller out into the drive and if I hadn't scooped him up I do believe he would have crawled right out the door. I wish I would have had the video camera because he was in his sweater and hat and just looked so cute trying to escape into the outdoors.

Travis loves to be with people and HATES it when people leave the room. He adores his sister and loves to be where she is, if not right on top of her.

Travis is a big fan of the sippy cup but is just beginning to be OK with doing it himself. He would really rather have mommy hold it. Travis also is a big fan of table food and is not so interested in "baby" food any more. His favorites right now are green beans, cucumbers, apples and carrots. I see him watching us eat and it is funny how he gives me the heisman when I approach him with some cereal. Guess we are moving on to making one more plate at meal time.

He is a man of little words but he does give us some good giggles and baby babble. He is certainly our child....Campbell talked a lot early in life and then went quiet for a while. Travis seems to be doing the same.

I can hardly believe that he is officially two months and counting away from being a one year old. Oh my!!!!

In the toddler world our two year old, Campbell, has hit the road running. She is amazing us everyday with what she says and does. Not to mention the typical "terrible two" activities that grace our home at least every other day. Some days I pray for more patience than a normal person should have.

Campbell can count to 10 from zero and is learning 11-20 right now. Her favorite number in the 11-20 category is 14 which is funny because for the longest time she would omit "7" when saying the numbers 1-10. Some can hardly believe that she can count but not only can she count she recognizes the numbers. She actually knows them...mix up that flash card deck...there is no way you can stump her. The alphabet song is being sung on a daily her. She just loves to sing it....often really loud starting at "Q" and what is so adorable is when she says "next time sing with me." Again simply knowing the letters in order wasn't enough for her. She will tell you all the letters she sees in any order. Recognition and Memorization is what she seems to have mastered already.

Campbell L-O-V-E-S to read. More times than not she will tell you "read book." One of her favorite books right now is the Very Hungry Caterpillar. She stunned us the other day when she pointed at each object on the page and told us what the Caterpillar ate on Saturday....if you know this book you know it is a very long list of items and she nailed them all. Whew! I think I might be needing a tutor when she gets into school just to stay ahead of the game.

She also is crazy about hitting golf balls with daddy off the deck in the back yard. I think for Christmas a putter or iron might find it's self under the tree. Soon she will be taking lessons at a course from an instructor. Daddy will become the practice coach. Maybe she will be a future LPGA star.

Another area Campbell has excelled in is being potty trained and drinking from a real cup. I transitioned her so that only the "baby" would be in diapers and drink from a sippy. This has really made her into a big girl as you can tell that it gives her a sense of being "big." She reminds me when ever I am changing Travis that she" only goes pee pee and poo poo in the potty chair." Not to mention when ever he is trying to master the sippy...that "only babies" use sippy cup mommy. I think she might be a little competitive too as she seems to want to learn all the time.

Both babies love bike rides and we now have a new baby seat for my bike. Family rides are quite the favorite and I must say is the best part of my day lately. They get so much pleasure from it that it makes my heart sing. Travis is still adjusting to his helmet but once we are moving man is he a fan. Campbell still loves her one on one bike rides with Daddy but is becoming a good sport about brother and mommy tagging along most of the time now. I am so happy that I finally get to use the bike my husband bought me when I was pregnant last summer. I rode it after Travis was born but now that he fits in a seat and is much more fun.

They are also learning to play together better each day. I am hearing more sounds of laughter coming from the play room which warms my heart. However, those moments dwindle when I enter the room again. For some reason when I am present they can't seem to get along. Sibling rivalry runs heavy most of the time but soon I truly believe that they will be best of friends.

Both babies are growing and learning so much. It amazes me every day that Lance and I created such wonderful and adorable babies. OK, so I am a bit bias. Every day I thank the Lord that we were blessed with these two little ones. I am in awe of what He gave us.

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Savvy Little Women said...

Sounds like the kids are doing great!! Love the update on them, I should do one of those! I am really tired lately, but doing well. The contractions and swelling are still the main things I battle...but for today, they are under control :). We are definitely getting close...I am so excited to meet these new babes. I hope they are healthy and everything goes well, I tend to worry too much sometimes...but I guess everyone does. We should exchange emails! Hope you have a good weekend!

mamatutwo said...

Hi! It's my bloggy birthday, and I'm giving you a little thank you award! Stop by and take a look. I'd love it if you'd post it on your site!

Beth said...

Love the pix! Just so you know... My 5 month old is already bigger than your son - man, my moose is truly a moose:)

You have such a beautiful family!