Friday, August 8, 2008

Power of Prayer. Come fold your hands with me.

Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. Rom 12:15 NRSV
This verse reminds me of the power of friendship and the kind of friend I need to be at this very point in my life. With God's help I will offer all that I can through friendship to a particularly special person.

My BFF is amazing. She has seen me at my highest and lowest points. We have laughed and played together in between those times. I have so many wonderful memories of us together. Even some she may feel were scary...jumping the fence to storm the field at an ASU game. Go Devils! Her mother may never forgive me for that sort of fun. Grin. Now that we are older we don't have the advantage of living near one another. Many states and time zones stand between us. However our friendship has sustained the test of distance and time. Never failing or fading. She truly is my best friend forever.

Stacie has been my saving grace many of times. I could never repay her for her kindness and constant love for me. Now it is my turn. I think this might actually be the first time that I have had to be a "rock" for her. Sure I have helped her wipe tears from a break up, etc. But this is the first time this wonderful friend has come to a personal trial that is all her own. Something that I can honestly say I have never had to endure so I have no "words" to comfort her. I have no "experience" to share to assist her. For weeks I have felt helpless. Trying to figure out what I could "do" to make a difference. Finally after pondering and praying, it came to me that I could help by praying. But not just by myself. That just wasn't going to be enough. I would have to pray loudly. I would have to enlist others to pray loudly with me. That through loud prayer and multiples of it I could help. My help might not be something that she can hold in her hand. But she can feel it in her heart. Prayer is so powerful. It is something that can cradle you in the arms of the Lord. I truly believe in prayer!

So I am starting my loud and powerful prayer chain*. Please stand and be counted with me as I pass the Power of Prayer for Stacie.

Stacie, I hope that this token of my friendship is one that will fill your heart and mind with comfort. That not alone will I ask the Lord to hold you and your family in the palm of His hands. That He will hear a great many voices asking for His blessings upon you at this most important time in your life as well as the lives of those you love so deeply.

* To pray loudly with me please take this prayer button to your site.

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Jennifer said...

ML - What is the status of Stacie and the baby? Last I read, they had returned to the hospital...any news since then? Let me know HOW to pray because I am!!!

mamatutwo said...

Definitely praying for Stacie and her family. I'm adding the button!