Tuesday, October 21, 2008

6th photo folder, 6th photo

When browsing blog world I came across this fun little tag game people were playing. At Brittany's blog is where I decided to play along on my computer to see what I could find. So I followed the directions of going to my sixth photo folder under my pictures and selected the sixth picture in that folder.

This is what I found.

Campbell and Daddy when she was five days old. This is a visit in the NICU for daddy. I think this was my release date. I was so sad to be leaving her behind. Seems like a life time ago. I look at this picture and get teary eyed because their bond is so strong....They loved each other right from the tiny tiny early days. Thanks Honey for being such a good daddy....she broke you in well.

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The Sanders House said...

what a sweet sweet picture!