Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fit Friday week #1

Let's recap shall we. Last week I decided to join the fitness bandwagon over at It's Almost Naptime. Missy debuted her bloggy world non competitive "Hot for the Holidays" Fit Friday extravaganza.

Well let's just say I let it all hang out and let the world (OK, bloggy world that is) know of my desire to lose weight. You can go here to see my original post. But basically I said that I wanted to lose 38 big ones. Yep 38 pounds need to shed from my body. No doubt I will slowly shed them but as grandam would say;slow and steady wins the race.

Just so I can be accountable let's see what my course of action was & just how well I did.

1. I joined weight watchers. In the words of Little Einsteins and my daughter...."I can not believe it!" Money commitment so I went back.
2. I will be committed to tracking my food and following the plan. You bet...I even used the online tracker at
3. I joined the gym. I am committed to going three days a week. I was at the gym on M,T &W nights. This is also a $$$ commitment so I feel strongly about going.
4. I will walk with my neighbor who has kids the same age. She has lost her weight...and has a cool stroller. I will walk with her 4-5 days a week. Walked M, T, W & TH.

So I did it. I followed my plan for one whole week. I am very proud of myself for staying on course and not getting distracted. Was I rewarded for my efforts? Are you ready?

I lost 1.4 lbs!!! That might not sound like a lot but it is near the healthy 2lbs per week weight loss recommendation. Thursday nights are my weigh in so it fits in perfect with this bloggy event. I also got my measurements done at the gym on Tuesday. Those were not so exciting. However, now I can visualize the pounds coming off in inches as well because I will get remeasured every 3 weeks. For future comparison here are those not so exciting figures about my current figure.

Body Fat%: 37.9%(yikes...considered overweight)
The next four items is how my body fat was calculated.
Bicep: 10
Triceps: 22
Subscapular: 36
Lliac-Crest: 38

Then the tape measure came out.
Neck: 14
Chest: 37 (taken just under the arms before breast area due to nursing)
Forearm: 10
Waist: 37(long way away from that 24 inch I use to have at 107)
Hip: 39
Thigh: 22
Calf: 16.5 (I have always had boy legs)

I did find out that I have a unusual amount of lean muscle which I guess is a good thing for the amount of fat I have. Lean muscle was at 96 and fat at 59.
So that's my figure...cant wait to see it melt into "hot little me" by my anniversary and start to look "hot for the holidays."

Just to note, I wasn't lazy on Saturday and Sunday I did some stroller rides with the kids and bike rides. We were on the move but those weren't in my plan.

So with one week under my belt I am anxious to start this next week. I will be working the same plan again because it seems to work for me. See you all next week with another update of Fit Friday.

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Brittany said...

WOW. You go girl. You're smoking this thing!!!!

One More Equals Four said...

Way to were MUCH more faithful than I was this week! Just a little encouragement, in case you have a week when you aren't losing weight, when I started, I actually gained weight and lost NOTHING for several weeks. I researched and found out that when you first start, your body tends to retain water and so you sometimes won't see results for 6 weeks! I was really discouraged at first, but then after a few weeks, I lost about 5-6 pounds really quickly...since then, on a good week, it is about 1-2 pounds a week! You probably already know that, but it helped me!

Colored With Memories said...

WOW! measurements and everything! let's just say i'm impressed. good work!

The Smiths said...

That's awesome! Congrats on your first week.
Thanks for the yogurt tip!

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

I totally admire your bravery. I don't think I could list those numbers for all the world to see.

I also have "boy legs" and I have just found some wide calf tall boots from Eddie Bauer! I think I'm going to like them!

Great job with sticking to your goals! Keep up the great work!

Posh Mama said...

Awesome!! You did really well this week. I think I will keep track with measurements, since no scale here. Thanks for the idea!

Posh Mama said...

I try and leave a comment letting the person know they have been tagged, so, Consider yourself tagged!! let me know when you do it so I can come check it out :)

The Sanders House said...

You are doing fabulous...and looking slimmer I might add. We need to start power walking and pushing ourselves more. (Our talking slows us down!) So we will start that this week...Deal?

The Sanders House said...
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Sara said...

great job!! you inspire me!:) i need some inspiration--my post is not nearly as eventful and positive as yours!:)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I'm go, girl! This is actually kind of fun since I have a bunch of imaginary friends to do it with. :)

SRC said...

Yay for you! Sounds like you are off to a great start. Congrats! Now if only I could get motivated...although we did walk to the grocery store today. You gotta start somewhere, right???

Emily said...

Are you starving from the WW, yet? Don't worry if you are (because I was) it gets better after the second week. I find binging on grapes helps somewhat (I can't believe I just admitted to stuffing grapes greedily into my mouth!). Dont' lose that momentum!! Keep up the great work-

Life In Progress said...

That is awesome! Way to go. Good luck this week!

bass family said...

I'm so impressed! Good job!

Savvy Little Women said...

Awesome! I will be starting a routine after these babes get here! I thought you meant by your comment that you already sent me an pregnancy brain. Anyway, I sent you an email I think yesterday, it might not make any sense since I thought you had already sent an email, haha. My email is Talk to you soon!!

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