Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday

Hello Folks it time to play Not me Monday! Are you ready? For more fun "Not Me" Mondays head over to My Charming Kids. Heck join in. To see the original MckMama "Not Me" Monday post and review the game rules. I promise you will have fun.

I did not have a severe attack of road rage when another driver didn't keep her lane and almost killed me and my kids.

I did not scream like a crazy woman at the above said driver. I did not follow her trying to get her to pull over. I did not get so mad that I could feel my heart pounding. Apparently I need some help. I am grateful that I gave up my pursuit.

I did not lose weight last week. I did not ask the lady to reweigh me. I did not bask in the glory of that small win. Most importantly I did not pray on the way up the stairs to the weigh in "please let me have lost some weight dear Lord." I did not praise him loudly after the second weigh in with a big "thank you Lord for answered prayers."

I did not have my children watch three episodes of word world on the DVR so I could get through folding some laundry and other chores in peace. I would never use a show as great as that as a baby sitter for 30 minutes or longer now and then.

I did not attempt to steal the collegiate flag of a dear friend because his school is about to play mine. I did not think that his super wife ratted me out when I got to there home only to find no flag flying. I did not get excited to watch said game only to find out that failure to review schedule has consequences. NO game.

And finally I did NOT post on my blog my weight. No I would never admit my true weight and all of the issues. I did not open myself up to those who stop by to see "all of me" in words and a few pictures with a new bloggy commitment of Fit Fridays at It's Almost Naptime. I did not feel scared and embarrassed every time I was about to read a comment. I did not feel uplifted and positive for the week ahead by the support that was left from kind readers.

Check in next week for another round of "Not Me" Monday. Leave me a comment if you are playing so I can check out what you did not do last week.

Happy week to you all.

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~*Mistee*~ said...

I love your Not me's!! You sound like me with trying to ruffle someone's feathers trying to steal thier flag! ;0)