Wednesday, December 30, 2009

wordless wednesday: subtitles.

My bff had her baby. Please visit her site and pray for them.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

My New Year Challenge(Q1 Challenge that is....more to come...4Q's in a year.)

I'll be reading and blogging through the Bible in 90 days on beginning January 1,2010. Wanna join me?

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve

I love this night. It is always a gift to be reminded that Christ was born. What a gift to me and you indeed. Remember the presence of Christ is worth more than any present you could possibly ask for or receive. May you and your family rejoice and enjoy the evening and what Christmas truly brings to your life.

Merry Christmas from the Clubhouse!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Program

UPDATED: The program was great. The little kids sang their hearts out. I think my girl might have gotten stage fright or was taken back by all the people out there and the lights as you just cant practice that part. I say this because she seemed to forget all the moves that I know she already knew. All well it was cute just the same. I was so proud. So proud that I instantly became one of those mothers. I think it just happens as it was just so natural. Are you asking what I am talking about? Of course you are. Well you see several years ago when I was childless I had gone to some neighbor kids events and thought it was just so odd that mom's even dad's would wave at the stage where the child was. heck the child couldn't see them. Well maybe if you were front row but I am They don't see you waving and smiling. I swore up and down inside I would never be that mom. Well. Well sure enough I became that mom last night. With out a thought. It was instinctive. The minute I saw her walking out on stage to the music my arm went up waving like a flag on a windy day. My heart was screaming her name as if she was a rock n roll star. Luckily my brain did not allow my mouth to open and my tongue to speak. So for all you mommies that have yet to witness your child in their first ready. The arm will go up and wave.

I know for sure that she was stretched to her limit though come the end of the show. We got home at 815 and she was TIRED. Not fussy but ready for bed. You see she is normally in bed by 630 pushing it is 650. So this was a late night for her.

Well it was a great night and I am so happy that I got to go and that Nana was here to see it too. Thank you Michelle for monitor sitting Travis and sitting in the recliner relaxing while doing your Christmas cards.

See below signature for video.


Tonight is Campbell's first Christmas Program. She has been secretly signing us her songs for some time. But pretending not to know all the words. She sneaks the songs in here and there. When we ask for more she get all coy and explains she doesn't know the words.

Oh how I cant wait for the Program. She loves to sing and dance around. It makes my heart sing that she has so much joy for it. I am taking the camera and will do some video taking. I am also buying the professional version. Why not, she's my first child, she's in her first program and she is so excited!!!!

Will post more soon.

Till then remember...."The Gift of Christmas is God is with us, Emmanuel, Emmanuel!"

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Monday, December 14, 2009


So the terrible two's begin. Travis has been and I suppose always be a totally different baby from Campbell. A different infant and now toddler. Well I suppose that is only fitting as he is a different person. But man, oh man does this little boy have a temper. Hmm wondering where he got it from. Campbell is so easy going. She is testing us with her new Three attitude but when she was two, man talk about a cake walk. Not with Travis though. I am sure this is where the paybacks that my mother always spoke of is starting to come true. She always told me that one day I would be paid back for all my "ugliness and attitude" two fold one day. Guess the day has come.

Travis is a bit fit thrower. He just will plain buck down and cry, cry, cry. Granted I believe he is more temperamental right now because his molars might be bearing down. I do remember lots of crying and screaming about a month after Campbell turned two and she got her top two year molars in August and her bottoms in September of last year. So maybe it is just that.
But seriously he has some major meltdowns.

He cries over various things like:
When bath time is over. Hates getting out of the tub.
If he cant take more than two cars with the table, store, to be changed, in the car, for a walk, etc.....although this is getting better.
Food....he is super picky about what goes in his mouth so most of our eating times are filled with tears.
Hates it when Thomas show is turned off after watching it.
Will cry and cry to watch a Thomas show after nap time.
Hates it when he cant physically carry more than five cars in his arms and becomes distraught about it when they fall.
Is very protective of his Thomas train set and doesn't like it when you push the train. Only him. Occasionally sissy is allowed to play but is testy about it most times.

So where did my sweet boy go? You have always been strong willed and temperamental but still sweet and lots less tears. I hope he wont be gone long but I love you just the same.

Two....this could be a rough year.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

I want a Christmas Tree

This is what rang in our home yesterday. What fun this season is becoming as a preschooler starts to learn about the magic of Christmas.

Since we have a December birthday we have a rule that we don't put up our tree until the weekend after the birthday. So this will be the weekend.

We did put up lights early this year. In fact daddy and the babies (not sure how much help they were) put them up on my first full day home from the hospital. It was fun to see their faces light up when they counted to three and turned on the lights. The squeals of anticipation were fun to hear too. I don't think I have seen my husband so excited about getting the Christmas boxes out of the attic as he was that day. We of course wont be the yard that wins the light award but our lights this year are just for us. Small, not grand but great in the eyes of a 2 and 3 year old that love to count 1-2-3-Christmas Lights! every night as they are plugged in out front.

But back to the tree. All day Campbell kept talking about the tree. No doubt tree's were discussed at preschool as they were working on ornaments as the craft.
This year she tells me that she wants to "help" decorate the tree and that it should have pink, purple, butterflies and flowers on it! Cute idea but not sure our tree will turn out that way. Either way I think she will enjoy putting the decorations on the tree this year. Hmmmm, or maybe I should contact Heather over at life in a small town who owns a Christmas Shop. She has a made some pretty great trees with different themes. Click here to see for yourself.

Hey here's an idea. Tell me about your tree, your favorite ornament or tradition. I'd love to know.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

happy 2nd birthday!

Dearest Travis,
You turned two today. My heart is filled with joy knowing that you have grown and flourished through yet another year. Two my dear boy has so much to offer and I know that you will embrace all that it brings.

Year one flew by and it seems odd to me to know that two years ago I gave birth to my first son. That my heart was open to a second child and a child of different gender as well. It is amazing how a mother can love each child as if they were the only apple of their eye. That is how my heart feels when I see you. When I run my fingers through your blonde curly hair. Yes, the hair that I can not come to cut. I will keep you in curls my dear sweet boy until it is truly time to cut them off. You are the love of my life and my heart will only grow deeper in love with you each day of our lives.

Travis you are a strong willed little boy with a passionate heart. You love, you do love deeply. I know you will grow into a fine, strong, honest and compassionate man. I see you taking the world by storm and embracing all that is given to you. Maybe I am bias after all I am your mommy but I just know great things are yet to be yours.

Some of the things that at two have already captured your heart are Thomas the Train and Hot Wheel Cars. You love your sissy and papa. You truly love your nana. Tonight at dinner you said "my favorite part is daddy." I have no doubt that the two of you will have a bond like no other. You are daddy's boy and he loves you so. The thought that rings glorious in my heart is that you this afternoon woke from your nap saying "mommy here." Yes, Mommy is here. Right were I intend to be forever and ever.

While your second birthday celebration was not the grand party that I had envisioned it to be many months ago. It was just the way I would have wanted it to spend it, with you! Mommy has been sick but is on the mend. No doubt this is just as hard on you and sissy as it is me. But it is just a short portion of our time together so that gets me through. I am so sorry for you having to miss me and wonder when I would be home again. But I am here, "Mommy here."

I love you Travis! You have stolen my heart and it will always be yours.
Happy Second Birthday my sweet boy!
Love, Mommy

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