Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We have heard rumors......

We'll we've heard some rumors. We demand to know the truth!
Will you or will you not be coming to visit us?
Nana we miss you...Papa too!
XOXO, Campbell and Travis

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Start of a New Decade.

Today I woke and I was 40!

I guess it's time to be all grown up and stuff.

Well the one thing I am looking forward to is a clean slate. New things to experience. New memories to create. A new leash on life.
It seems that in my last ten years I experienced what most people deal with over the course of a lifetime.

Let's recap....or maybe we wont. But trust me there was some....crap.

HOWEVER the years weren't all bad. 2003, 2006 and 2007 were GREAT years! Ones I would never trade!

Today though...was a sweet day. A great start!
I got a ton of birthday wishes. Cards, phone calls, yard decor, social media shout outs and hugs & kisses galore. Plus I got some great gifts. Thank you, Thank you!

I did want to share two of my favorite cards. My two little people were SO excited to give me these this morning. They actually walked around with them today and watched a show holding them. Asking me over and over if I loved my cards. I did. I do. But what I love most is the two of you.

Forty & it's all FABULOUS!!!!

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never forget

While it seems as if I have been "forgetting" to post that isn't quite the case. Just a bit caught up in all that is going on these days and the stresses of life. However, stay tuned for a BIG update. In the meantime I have been stricken by grief today. This day is just so, so sad. There have been some major events that have happened in my life time. The Iran hostage Crisis being the first that I can recall, Yellow ribbons every where. Not to long after I remember fifth grade math class being interrupted when President Reagan was shot. TV's were rolled into every classroom. I remember the weeping as word spread that Pope John Paul II had been shot. Late that same summer I watched Diana become a princess when she married Prince Charles during a summer road trip to the Grand Canyon. Several years later I stood in prayer in my high school's freshman patio after the space shuttle challenger disaster after only 73 seconds post take off. I remember our country going to war (Gulf) and seeing it unravel on TV in the chapter room of my sorority floor and rushing to call my dad on the chapter phone to make sure he wouldn't be called out for duty as he was in the Army. I can recall when the beautiful Princess Diana was taken from this world. Watching endless hours of footage on the news with my fellow flight attendant crash pad roommates in San Francisco. Then thinking I had seen almost every thing that could happen. You know those "events" that you will always be able to recall what you were doing and who you were with. September 11, 2001 happened. That day will be one that I will never forget. I wasn't connected to it other than I am an AMERICAN. It however, to this days cripples my heart. I just feel so numb and full of pain, even now. I watched a video clip of it and it was like I was seeing it all for the first time. Maybe this day will be like this because of the technology we had then. Think of how we could hear the calls, see the planes, hear the panic. Oh it just, it just is so powerful in how it came to over come my mind and heart. I will never forget.

And while my sweet children will only learn of this day & I pray they will never have to see such a sight in their lifetimes I do hope that they as Americans will feel loyal and love for their country. With the start of school and my daughters love of music it was nice to hear her sharing songs that she is learning. One struck a cord with me. It made me feel so proud that my sweet girl is learning such things. You see one night she broke out in song on our bike ride. She hadn't learned the whole song yet but we knew what she was trying to sing. Well it made me cry right there on the spot. Well now just a few weeks into school she can sing the entire song and she LOVES to sing it every chance she can. So in honor of today and all the lives that were forever changed and lost I pay tribute to 9/11 with the voice of my sweet girl. I hope you enjoy and never forget. The video is under my signature.

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(disclaimer: our camera is on the fritz so it is grainy...not your eyes. Also, this was shot after dinner time.)