Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Abigail!

So my BFF celebrates a huge day today. She is celebrating the one year mark of Abigail and fondly remembering sweet angel Madison. I asked many of you to join with me in prayer for this family time and time again last summer. I had the cute button on my side bar created to spread the word. So much was happening and I was so far away. I figured praying and getting others to pray was the best thing I could do. So now as I await the posting of first birthday pictures I am sending my hugs and love from afar. Stacie, I am SO glad I talked you into blogging.
Blessing to you and your family. We at the clubhouse love ya!

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Missing us some Nana and Papa

So this was a little video shot on my parents last visit out. Oh how the babies love to watch the "nana" video...the birthday tribute that we did for her birthday back in June. They ask to watch it every day. So now they have been wanting to do ring around the rosies so much and do we have some fun with that. Well I happened to remember that I caught my parents on film doing this with the babies. So with out further lip service here is ring around the rosies nana and papa style.
We miss you! And by the way Travis still says pop, pop.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Mommy time

So it seems as if lately mommy has been spending time away lately. Gone for a retreat weekend, off to get my hair done with extended errands after, now I am off again for a morning outing tomorrow. I think this has been good for both babies and daddy. With my impending surgery closing in on me rather us, I am grateful for these small moments where it is just the three of them because truth be told, they will need to know how to function without mommy. At least w/o mommy being 100% hands on and in control. I have a feeling they will manage, maybe not in the way I would "manage" it but they will manage. Dear Lord please help us all. Amen.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh to win this Bumbleride stroller! So here I am trying to win it with all of its entry requirements set forth from Two of a Kind.

This stroller would be so helpful for when I have my surgery because my mom other wise known as Nana could stroll with ease. Then when I am able I could too. I absolutely love the "spice" color scheme and can picture it in my garage ready to rock n roll!

You can try to win too. Go ahead you know you want it! But hurry contest ends Tuesday at 11:59pm(i think in the time zone of EST).

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MOPS Plug....

So here is a little something that I think all mommies could use for their little ones or for gifts for other mommies. This is of course a shamless plug for my MOPS group and its our Fall Fundraiser. So with that being said....take a look and see if you might be able to order on behalf of "Trinity Lutheran MOPS."

Dear Trinity Lutheran MOPS Families & Friends,

We are excited to introduce a brilliant new fundraiser for Trinity Lutheran MOPS. Stuck on You – Labels for Every Tom, Dick or Harriet – are a great new way to eliminate the lost and found problem at your school while raising money at the same time.

This fundraiser has many benefits:

  1. It offers colorful personalized name labels that are perfect for identifying all of your children’s belongings
  2. Labelled property is very helpful to parents and teachers. It’s saves teachers time and saves parents money!
  3. It’s simple! – Just place your order on the following Stuck On You website and for each item ordered, Trinity Lutheran MOPS will receive a commission.

Stuck On You designs and manufactures high quality, colorful, personalized labels for children. Their best selling vinyl stickers are waterproof, microwave and dishwasher safe! They are perfect for all school and summer camp gear including lunch boxes, sports equipment, back packs, bike helmets – even shoes! Their iron-on labels are commercial laundry safe and tough. These labels are ideal for clothing, towels and athletic uniforms. Even better – Children can choose from over 100 adorable “icons” to put on their labels to make them more personalized and easy to recognize.

· Simply visit the Stuck On You website.

· Place your order and please be sure to include the words “Trinity Lutheran MOPS” in the appropriate spot during check out.

Any questions? Please contact

Hannah is Trinity Lutheran MOPS point of contact at Stuck On You.

Thank you in advance for assisting us in this year’s fundraiser

for Trinity Lutheran MOPS.


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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Something to Remember

So tonight we are eating dinner.
Cheesy eggs with refried beans, tortilla on the side with a side strawberries.
Sometimes I make little burritos for them but lately Campbell and Travis have just been unrolling them and get the's messy.

So tonight Campbell takes her tortilla and places it in the palm of her had. I casually ask her if she wants me to make hers burrito style. She says "no." She then proceeds to scoop up the cheesy egg and refried bean portion onto her tortilla. I ask again. "Campbell, can I help you make the burrito?" She replies with a sweet voice "No, I do it. I'm 3 mommy."

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

blog give a way

So the lovely lady that designed my blog is celebrating a business anniversary and a grand reopening all at once. She is hosting some amazing give a ways as well. Head on over to Once Upon A Blog design shoppe to check out all she has to offer. She is more than a blog designer too so you are sure to find something to suit you.
I hope I win one of her fantastic give a ways. As much as I love my blog design it might be time for a face lift. What do you think? New look here at the Clubhouse or make my other blog Thirtysomething better looking?

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

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