Sunday, October 12, 2008

Two years back

So there is nothing special about October 12th but for some reason I was browsing through my computer files of pictures. Then it struck me that for there were two October 12th's with just Campbell and this year it included Travis. Sure there might be pictures in that very large computer file that have the same dates but honestly I couldn't find two files that had the exact date. So here is a look back in time and back again to this day. This perfect day we had. Even though all of us are was perfect. We were all together, we had laughs, we had naps and we even made our way out to the park for some swing time. October 12....just another day as a family.

Campbell and Mommy at almost 3 months

Daddy and Campbell at almost 15 months.

Campbell (almost 27 months) and Travis (10 months)

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Mary Helen/nana said...

Sounds like the family had a great day at the park. Hope you all get over being sick, great pictures. Take care, love to all.