Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday

It's that time of week again folks. It's time for "Not Me Monday" all started by MckMama and joined in by so many. Come along and join the fun either by playing along or by reading all the "Not Me Monday" followers.

I most certainly did not feel too tired tonight to almost not do my "Not Me Monday."
I did not actually run the majority of a 5k run (my first) thinking the whole time when is this over.
I did not worry the hole time I was running if my little baby's hat was falling off....I had a pace to keep....couldn't stop.
I did not look utterly shocked when my two year old puked the minute we got into the restaurant to eat a celebratory breakfast after the run.
I certainly did not look all around the restaurant hoping that no one was noticing what was happening.
I absolutely did not let my husband handle it all.
I did not again look all around trying to make light of the issue of puke.

I did not keep track of all my "not me's" only to find that my scrap paper was missing.
I most certainly did not act like a two year old when I couldn't find the scrap paper.
I did not get mad and pout when I was told it was in the trash.
I did not get upset and use naughty language with the person that threw it away.
I did not later apologize for my childish ways.

Since my list went bye bye. I don't have much to say this week. But click the "Not Me Monday" button on my side bar to find more "Not Me Monday's."

This week I think I will save mine in "word."

Till next Monday.....

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SRC said...

I did not just laugh out loud at all of your "not me mondays" post. Nope. Not me.

Too funny! I wish I had it in me to join in the not me monday fun, but it seems like too big of a commitment to me...remembering to post EVERY monday. And remembering to write down all of my "not me's" throughout the week.