Thursday, November 19, 2009

For updates on Merry Lynn and her recent surgery, please click here.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Prayers and comfort

Dear Lord,
I come to you with prayer for many tonight.
Please be with my best friend Stacie and her family tonight. Be with her during this time of emergency and comfort them. Protect her and protect that sweet baby in her belly. Heal her quickly and please bring her no more hassles during the duration of her risky pregnancy.
Please be with my children over the next few days as they take notice that mommy is not around and neither might be daddy. May they have fun with Nana and not be sad. Let them know that Mommy loves them more than anything and that she always will.
Also dear Lord please be with a MOPS friend of mine, Tesa. She needs your love and guidance at this time. Bring her comfort when it appears that her world is turning upside down. Bring her and her family great JOY!
Lord, I thank you for all the wonderful people you have placed in and around my life for one reason or another. I have been truly blessed. I love my parents, my brother, friends and family. My husband, my children and those I have only met online and through their pictures and words. Dear Lord be with me tomorrow morning, be with my doctor and staff as they work on the body you gave me.
Allow peace and comfort to all the world tonight.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What I love

I love it when my child is so excited to go to Preschool and than sings songs to me over the drive home and lunch time. It warms my heart that she is growing and learning and loving her school days.

I love it that my child is 23 months. That he is one month away from being two and all that the year of two has to offer him. Even though I am sad that year one is almost done, I am looking forward to year two!

I love that my husband works so hard and is doing all he can to be a good husband and daddy.
I love that he seems so strong when it comes to my upcoming surgery and is a good sport on days when I could just sit and cry all day.

I love that my parents are going to sacrifice so much time and have my mom here with us during my surgery and recovery times. I love that they love my kids so much.

I love that I have started to attend a bible study on Tuesday mornings. I didn't ever think that I had it in me but I really enjoy it and only wish we could video conference it over the next few weeks as I wont be able to attend.

I love that I have neighbors that care for my children like they were there own. I love that my children love my neighbors. I love that I have created new friendships and ties in my life.

I love my dog, Barley even if she gets the short end of the deal now.

I love people that have been praying for me and my family.

I have a lot of love in my heart right now and I just wanted to share it with you.

After all if you don't share your love you cant get any more in return right?

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

who are you praying for today?

I am praying for:

Stacie and her pregnancy.
Lance as he heads out of town for a quick and unexpected trip.
My mother's upcoming travel .
My upcoming surgery
MOPS group a & b.
for the situation in Ft. Hood, TX.
My children.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

Have I mentioned?

Have I mentioned that I believe in the Power of Prayer?
Well I do. I do. I do. I DO!

My best friend Stacie and her family need some prayers and I would love for you to grab this updated button and place it on your blog. It is located on the side bar under my profile.

Prayer is so powerful and can move mountains. Wont you join me in praying?

Thank you!!!

Worst mother

I get the Worst Mother of the Year Award!!! Last week I forgot a very important day in a scholars life. You see, Campbell usually goes to school with the perfect bow with the perfect dress or skirt. Hardly ever in pants as I just love to dress her up and want her to be in girly stuff until of course her "will" decides that she "isn't" going to wear what mommy wants. So last Thursday I decide to send Campbell to School in the cute little pumpkin shirt and candy cane pants (yes pants but they were too yummy to pass up.) since they were not allowed to wear costumes. She looked really cute!

It was kinda warm so I decided to put her hair up in a pony tail. I was trying to find the perfect bow but she had her own mind set on two tiny tiny bows that she found while we were looking through all the bows. She kept saying "these, these." So mommy caved.

I drop her off noticing all the bows and cute dresses. NONE of which were Halloween festive like in the days prior. But we go about the drop off process.

Than right on time I arrive for pick up. The teacher is saying good bye and says to her "you had the prettiest smile for the school photo today." WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I look sharply at the teacher and say...."school photos were today?" hoping she was going to say no when the pit in my stomach shouted "yes today dummy!" She smiled sweetly at me and said "yes." I about died!! I started rambling about how I forgot and couldn't believe it. The teacher politely said to me "well she'll have a pretty pumpkin in her head shot." I was DYING!!!!

Her first school picture and I sent her to school looking like this!

"To the Academy of Worst Mothers, I sadly accept this award."

Campbell I pledge not to make this a habit of forgetting those all so important scholarly moments. XO.

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