Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh I need....

I need to catch up. There have been so many firsts and I have been a bad, bad, bad mommy for not posting them.

So to get things started off. Let's go back to late August '09 I will share with you Campbell's learning to ride a tricycle.
Now if you can remember she got the tricycle for Christmas. It is a great pinkish purple Schwinn tricycle and she loves it. I think brother loves it too because he has been actually trying to ride it more often than her. He just loves anything mobile. Well Campbell has been happy to have daddy push her from behind pretending to ride. Mommy thought it was time. Time for her to ride.

So we went outside to play. She wanted her bike. So we got on and I said if you want to ride you have to pedal. No pedaling means no bike riding. So let's learn to pedal. We worked on it and it didn't take long. With in minutes she was doing it. Up and over, pedal, pedal, pedal!!!

Campbell I am SO proud of you!!!
PS. even though I mentioned that if you didn't want to pedal that another little girl might want your bike ( I know mean huh, but it worked.) I never really meant it. When you go to school you'll learn it was a tactic called reverse psychology.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Go Sun Devils!

**** UPDATED: We did lose the game but it was SO exciting!!!!!!! 20-17. Our first loss and non conference play. So now we move on, move on to PAC 10 play. Beat OSU!!!!*****

We are playing the Georgia Bulldogs today and I will actually get to watch the game. I am so excited. Campbell is walking around shouting Go Devils! So, so cute!

GO DEVILS!!! Beat those Dwags!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

birthday cake.

This year we celebrated my birthday early even though today is the day. This video was made this weekend when we decided to celebrate. We wanted to be mindful of the kids and not having them think that mommy leaves right after her birthday. My surgery has been postponed and for more on that you can head over to thirtysomething and you can find that down below on the right hand side in my blog roll.
But for now, you can celebrate with me and view the most beautiful cake any three year old ever made! I love my family!!!! Thank you for making my day so special even if it was early. ssh that's daddy and mommy's secret.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Big Wins!

So ASU beat Louisiana Monroe last night 38-14! Woo Hoo! Fork'em Devils!

Next week we meet the Georgia Bulldogs in Georgia and from what I understand their stadium is a madhouse. Good news is they will get National Airtime which is good for me as I don't live in AZ or GA. Go Devils!

Second big win is that I won the book give away from Sara! So excited to get the book in the mail and to read it! Thanks Sara for stopping by my blog through It's Almost Naptime!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Author Signed Book Giveaway!!

Hurry and head over to this blog and enter to win a giveaway! I have enjoyed peeking around Sara's blog so I know now that I will be heading back to her blog for sure.

I am not a huge reader but hope to cozy up and read some fun and interesting books during my recovery from surgery. That's right folks, surgery is exactly one week away. Oh my!

If you win, book share with me.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Car Crazy

Travis is just car crazy. Cop cars, buses, hot rods, etc. I could go on and on and on. In fact he does go on and on and on. Cars have taken over his world with the small exception to trains and dogs. He just discovered Thomas the Train and seems to be fond of him. Dogs, well he has always loved dogs. Which is ideal because we will never be w/o a dog in our family.

So today we got a box. A box with mommy's birthday present in it from Nana & Papa. A very big THANK YOU for the new laptop!!!! Can't wait to get it up and running!

But most importantly THANK YOU from your grand babies who loved their surprises. Campbell loves her clothes as her wardrobe is always the best when topped off from Nana and Papa. Travis well he liked his clothes...however the CARS were the cream of the crop in his after dinner world. I had to pry them out of his hands at bedtime.

Here is him enjoying his newest additions to his collection. XO!!

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Games I hope to watch this fall!

Updated: Sunday morning, Devils win! Devils Win! I didn't get to see the game but checked the score this morning. 50-3 over Idaho State. Probably a 3rd string good for them getting playing time sleeper of a game based on the score.

Of course I don't live close enough to attend in that wonderfully fun stadium of which I have jumped the fence and yes been apart of the goal post tear down.
OK. So I didn't actually help tear down but I was close enough BFF in tow.

2009 ASU Football Schedule
Date Opponent
Sept. 5 Idaho State
Sept. 12 Open Date
Sept. 19 Louisiana Monroe
Sept. 26 at Georgia
Oct. 3 Oregon State
Oct. 10 at Washington State
Oct. 17 Washington
Oct. 24 at Stanford
Oct. 31 California
Nov. 7 USC
Nov. 14 at Oregon
Nov. 21 at UCLA
Nov. 28 Arizona

Go Devils! Remember the most important game of all is the last one. Beat those Cats!

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