Thursday, November 20, 2008

Houston we have a problem.

My computer is still dead so to speak but I have been navigating the bloggy and Internet worlds via stolen moments on my hubby's computer. He is not a fan when he finds me in his office doing my thing on the computer but has been kind about these affairs with his keyboard this time around. Apparently my computer is still alive and kicking. It's just that the cord isn't giving it any juice. I tried getting a universal cord from radio shack but that didn't work so I took it into Fry's and they said I would need to order a special cord and that my computer will come back to me after it is revived with power. Oh you don't know what those words meant. For weeks I have thought that my computer was gone and so that meant my numerous files upon files of pictures would be gone too. I have had a bad experience with a photographer, the kid in Michigan that created that severe virus (thanks kid!) and a destroyed hard drive. Needless to say I have NO wedding pictures. My heart still hurts when I think of that. So you can see how worried I might have been about my little laptop friend...keeper of files near and dear. However now that we know the issue that ails my little laptop friend we are unable to help her until some number crunching issues are resolved. So until then, little posting for me and little surfing will I do. I miss my blog and sharing my world in the spheres of bloggy world. Till we have complete blast off again......

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Evan Guy said...

You shoulda called me...I can fix stuff like that easily...hell, I'd cut and splice and solder new connections. Piece of cake!

It is ME who has your wedding pics! You gonna show up for RTW on Saturday? Maybe Wyn wants to go.