Friday, November 28, 2008

Fit Friday week #6

I am back to report about the trials and success of my being apart of Fit Friday. Here we are in week 6 and in a few days it will be December. WOW! Does anyone feel lighter.....I do, I do.
I am losing weight slowly but I am thinking that I will soon get a big jump in numbers when I wean Travis and can seriously reduce my points on the weight watchers system.

This week feels like it was a success but I don't have a number to prove it. My weigh in is on Thursdays and well as you know Turkey day was yesterday which was my weight in Thursday. So no scale for me. We were suppose to be able to go to any meeting prior to Thursday to weigh in and the one I went to on Wednesday afternoon was closed up tight with a note on the door. I was bummed! But that's life right. No need to fret over it.

But I did have wins with tracking my food and working out. I even did a little cardio on Turkey day. So last week I mentioned that I had a plan for not over indulging on Thanksgiving.

Here it was and it was exactly how it went.

Wake up
Deal with Kids
EAT BREAKFAST....Very important always but especially today.
Finished chores
Deal with kids
Put bird in oven
Have a light lunch
Water, Water, water....all day I drank water.
Time for diner....big glass of water prior to rounding up everyone for dinner
Since I don't/didn't want to single myself out I took a big kid plate but envisioned it to be a small kid plate if you get my drift. As I placed food on my plate I left lots of room in between items. I took more of the green beans, sweet potatoes (which I made as plain as could be...not a marshmallow in sight on these babies.) and had a large helping of salad.
I felt so good about my choices and felt content after I ate. I didn't want for anything more nor did I go back for seconds.
I even allowed room for a small sliver of Cherry Delight Pie...a family favorite.

All in all my plan worked and I felt good about myself this morning when I woke up.

So now its the start of week 7 and I am already off to a good start with some gym time and a family bike ride already under my belt for today. I am going to do the "backwards" run the woodlands isn't officially the RTW's because it is the 5th Saturday of the month so to make it different they are having us run the route not literally running backwards but wouldn't that be funny to see.
So check back in next week when I will be posting pounds and measurements.....

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