Friday, November 7, 2008

Fit Friday....week 3

Oh the torture of being a woman. We all have different things that torment us but one we all share; the curse of Auntie Once A. Month and well she stopped by to visit me. To be quite frank I began receiving messages that she would coming soon....last Friday I started to feel "slow" and well rather hungry. Hungry for things that I haven't wanted to place my hands on and shove into my mouth for quite some time. Something was up, she was coming. I needed to prepare because I knew that it could R-U-I-N my week if I did not prepare. So well my quest to prepare myself and safe guard my week was weak. Auntie and all her evil doings were slowly breaking me down. This is my week.
I only worked out at the gym on Monday and Wednesday. I only walked twice this week. I ran once and was that ever a slow and painful run. I did enjoy four family bike rides...but that is far from breaking a sweat...but it is movement for over 25 minutes so it must count for something. I was terrible at tracking my food but I was pretty darn good at my water intake and fighting the temptation to eat, eat & eat. I did however cave and have a McDonald's cheeseburger with extra ketchup and mustard on it. Let me tell was DELICIOUS!!! But wait, wait for week was not completely ruined by Miss Once A. Month. Ha! Ha! to you Auntie. I lost, I lost a tiny tiny bit of weight...but it's a loss. Have you been waiting? Here it is.....I lost .4Lb. Told you it was tiny tiny. But heck...I didn't gain any weight. So once again, Thank You Grandma for these words....Slow and Steady wins the Race!
Speaking of races, I will be in the Run the Woodlands event again this pray, pray that I make it....I already expect to be in last place so no need to pray for me finishing with a qualifying time for say like first place. But pray that I don't have a cardiac arrest out on that run as chances are I will be all alone...way behind the pack. But I'll be there, that's gotta count for something. I will be running with this thought in my head..."I want to feel good naked!"

Tell next week's post on my week four...stay true to yourself...workout and eat right!

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The Sullivan Sitcom said...

I totally hate when visitors pop in and take over for the week! How dare she!

I really think you did great, even with Auntie!

Keep up the good exercise! You can do it!

mary helen/mom said...

.4lbs, not bad, keep up the good work I know that you can do it if you don't expect big out counts on the scales. I am running, way, way back in fact I am in a turtle crawl. Love you, mom

One More Equals Four said...

You lost exactly .4 of a pound more than me, so great job! You had a great week of exercise as far as I can tell! Keep it up! Imagine what you can do this week without a visitor!

Kari said...

Any week that I don't gain weight is a small victory!!! Way to go.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

You don't know how much you lost, you're BLOATED! Weigh next week!

Auntie was here too. She must really like my cooking as she's been coming every 3 weeks. It's pure joy, let me tell ya. Hoping the thyroid meds will stop that.

How was your run?

Beth said...

My Aunie Once A. Month struck hard this past week too. I, unfortunately, ate ate and ate:( oh well. I'll work it off eventually:)
And to answer your previous question, YES!!! the baby bug has bitten me, but hubby is long ways away from even considering getting pregnant again. Oh well, we're having a blast with Bray!

The Smiths said...

Hope your run went well. I bet at the end of this week you will have more off as Miss Auntie leaves.