Friday, November 14, 2008

Fit Friday week 4

So hey some times you lose and well sometimes you gain.
This week....I gained. Not sure how it happened as I worked out, I ran and I tracked my food.
I gained .2 of a pound. Really I am not sure where that creaped into my week with all my efforts but it did. I was bummed but now I am just determined to lose it and more next week.
My run last saturday was amazing! I ran so much more than I did the first time and I felt so much better during and after the event. Even later in the day I felt energized and inspired all day. Strange but true. Well check back in next week to see how I have progressed. Hopefully it will be GREAT news! Check in on other Fit Friday participants over at It's Almost Naptime by clicking on Mrs. Clause on my side bar.

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Colored With Memories said...

it sounds like maybe you just gained some muscle?!?

i was too scared to get on my scale...i love how yours gets down to the decimals...mine only goes to .5...

good luck for next week!

bass family said...

Good job on the run! That's exciting! I miss running and hope to one day get back into it. You're inspiring me :)

Beth said...

As much as I wanted to go get him, we actually made it thru the entire night w/o him. I didn't get the restful sleep I was hoping for, nor did I sleep in, but at least I'll now be able to handle the next over nighter a lot better.

Posh Mama said...

Its muscle! Most definitely :) Great job on your week! Keep up the good work

Sara said...

i agree-sounds like muscle! it's SO hard! when i first started working out really hard this past summer, i could tell my body was changing, but saw NOTHING on the scale! (it's SO mean that way!) and that's why measurements are key--i need to do those! but then, all of the sudden, by the end of the summer, and now up to this point, i've lost 18 lbs!!! hang in there!! you can do it!:)

SRC said... go girl with the running. Sounds like you are doing great so far. I wish I could get motivated!

It's Noel's baby in the picture. Not Tatum.