Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The croup or should I say "oh crud!"

Well it's that time of year. The season of colds, fevers, coughs (barking seals at our house...croup), the flu, runny noses....you get the picture.

So a couple of days ago Campbell started feeling bad and then boom today Travis started our day with some barking coughs over the monitor...."oh crud!" were my first words not the words I usually say..."Dear Lord, watch over us today in all we do. Grant me patience, a loving heart & gentle words. Also grant me kindness for others and stamina to get through the day. Amen."
I think God knows that prayer comes from me every day that I might have surprised him this morning...wait I cant surprise God....Ha. He got me...he knew what I would say prior to me uttering it.

Sometimes I wish he would share his surprises with me. Like exactly when my kids will get sick. Not that I am blaming him for the "bugs" of the world that infect my household but seeing that he is all knowing....you get the picture.

But seriously, my kids are sick. It's terrible, it's rough and in a day or two (seeing that they are on steroids) it will literally be H@*#.

So Lord, please be with them. Be with us as a family. Let the days pass quickly and allow them to be well soon. Amen.

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nana/mary helen said...

It is not fun when little ones get sick. Hope that it was caught on time so that the medicine will work and that both will be well very soon. Feel bad for the mommy also. Love and lots of kisses, nana

bass family said...


Praying for you all.

Beth said...

Not fun at all! I pray that your babies feel better soon as well. Braydon just got over a "bug" and I'm sure there are more "bugs" to come as the winter/sick months approach.

My thoughts are with you!

Jennifer said...

Croup always sent us to the hospital, or at the very least the ER's. My oldest was hospitalized with croup at the age of 2 for 3 days!! I know how it feels to have kids that cannot breath :( But, if I can make a suggestion...I discovered that by NOT giving them milk - at all, or only rice milk - the croup stays away! The pediatrician was all for it when she didn't see us in her office for entire winter season!!!