Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tossing and Turning on a Saturday

Baby up three times last night.
Babies woke up way too early.
Parents left today.
Miss them.
Kids took good naps.
Went to mall.
Husband is power shopper.
We were in and out in an hour.
men + clothes=easy.
Parents made it to destination safely.
Thinking about BFF all day.
Kids sleeping.
Leftovers for dinner.
Diapers in dryer.
Watching a Ben Stiller movie with tired eyes.
Pretty funny, good cast.
Flirting with Disaster.
Waiting for BFF to call back.
Travis crying.
Not going up.
Time for him to cry it out.
Hope Campbell sleeps through this.
A dog's stomach is growling.
Must have dined on sock.
Crying over.
7 minutes.
Feeling more tired.
Probably wont last through movie.
Hoping babies sleep in tomorrow morning.
Hoping Travis goes back to once a night waking.
Really hoping he moves to sleeping through night.
Did I mention I am tired.
Going to church in morning.
Communion Sunday.
Have I sinned.
Of course I have.
Campbell loves the nursery.
She says "in" as soon as we get in the door.
"in" is inside the nursery playroom doors that is.
Travis goes with me.
Better to nap on mommy than no nap at all.
BFF wish this time was easier.
Hoping all is well.
Others praying too.
Should I go to bed.
Will I?
Probably not.
Feel guilty.
Started movie with husband.
Hate to ditch him.
Know he would understand.
Still would feel guilty.
Hope my parents get some good sleep at hotel.
They are on a trip to Iowa.
In Oklahoma City tonight.
Dad is doing a genealogy search.
He is really into it.
Interests me.
Guess I will get more info from him.
Feel bad for dog.
I hope I don't find throw up.
Gross I know.
Should I call hospital in California?
No, BFF will call when able.
There is a mosquito in house.
Buzzing around my head.
Hate them.
Movie makes me laugh.
Small burst of energy.
Oops, it's gone.
OK. Think I am going to go to bed.
Hope BFF doesn't call when I am sleeping.
Time difference.
Not that I don't want to talk to her.
Not sure if I would hear phone ring.
Positive husband will wake me.
She won't want him too.
Want to go peek on Travis.
Wont because he may wake up.
Have to trust he is fine.
He is fine.
Need to drink some water.
Going to bed.
Wondering if I will fall asleep right away.
Hope so.
Good water.
I love bottle water.
Hate tap water.
Need to take vitamin.
Praying Travis sleeps all night.
Mommy needs her sleep.
He is crawling.
Pulling up to sitting.
I think that is what is waking him.
Who really knows.
This will soon pass.
Miss parents.
Oh, mentioned that.
I have laundry to do tomorrow.
OK. Really. I am going to bed.

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Anonymous said...

I can barely read what your blog says because this hospitalTV/internet thing is so bad, but I think you said you are waiting for me to call back. My phone is not working for some reason. brian is bringing me a new charger tomorrow, but no worries, we are fine. I'll call you as soon as I get my dumb phone fixed. xoxo