Sunday, August 31, 2008

Praises and go check the story for yourself!

Hello everyone who has been praying for It's a Corny Life and Baby Abigail. There is an updated post on their site and I encourage you to visit and read it for yourself. Please lift up some praises to the Lord for sweet Abigail's will to beat the odds. Also, please pray that mommy recovers and is still able to get all the good "new "mommy time in during these next trying weeks. I am so happy for my BFF that she finally has her baby to look at, to touch and to watch sleep. I know it isn't exactly how she had hoped, having her born so early, getting so ill(both of them) and then of course with the loss of Madison. However, I know that God will bless this family. XO Stacie! We can't wait for all the photos and videos to start trickling into our email box. Also, Congrats on your first week of mommyhood!!!! Thank you to all who have prayed with me and I hope that you will continue to do so.

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bass family said...

Thanks for visiting! Your children are beautiful and I am praying for your friend and her precious daughter.

Mary Helen/nana said...

As always thank you very much for keeping me in the loop regarding your best friend. Sometimes I marvel at how caring a person you are and makes me so proud of you. Love always to my little ones and to two great parents. Nana