Tuesday, August 26, 2008

big morning WINS!!!

So for weeks now we have been struggling with sleep issues. If it wasn't teeth issues, sleep disturbances from foreign (Papa) noises coming from the guest room, new two year old fears, pulling up to sitting/standing, learning to skip our night time feeding, etc. You get the picture. No real sound sleep. Oh how I have longed for it. I feel the kids have too as one has often woke the other and crying matches have broken out at 430am (earliest) to only lead to off schedule nap times due to early arousal's and then grumpy days. Normalcy is what this Mommy has prayed for. Not to mention sleep harmony for the whole family.
Well this morning we got our first taste of it in a long long time. Yahoo!!!

Campbell started moaning/crying at 540am (mind you she is potty trained in day and making the move to all night staying dry so the urge to go is waking her a bit earlier than normal). Our rule based on Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child is that once a certain age is met no one is allowed out of bed until 6am the earliest(unless sick). I really value the works of Dr. Marc Weissbluth. I have read and re read his book and his sleep philosophy just plain works when you follow it. I am a believer! Point being I let her moan it out. She fell back to sleep just two minutes later. Then I heard a "peep" from brother bears (Travis) room. What was that? My first peep from him and it was 550am. AMAZING! He is so close to getting the night weaning accomplished! I of course wanted to run right away and pick him up and say "what a good boy!" and of course nurse as I was feeling rather full and tight, sorry if that is TMI for all you non nursing folks. But I refrained my urges. No room entering until 6am the earliest. We must both wait it out. We did, only took a minute.

So off to slumber I went again....knowing it wouldn't be long but it still felt good to close my eyes and not move my feet. I then heard the Campbell moan again at 620. Time to get up my mind registers. My mouth whispers "Allow me to be patient, kind and loving....all day long. Amen", My legs move to the standing position and the day begins with feet moving my body to the stairwell. Starting the journey up to the land of Boo Boo Bunny and Brother Bear where we are sure to have a day full of laughs, tears, good naps (hopefully) and new experiences.

I enter C's room. She immediately says "morning" as she sweetly holds her rabbit and blankie. I kiss her and rabbit and then whisper, "brother is sleeping, let's be very quiet"....doesn't always work with a two year old but she's learning. As we go to the bathroom I realize that she is dry. Cant be. But it's true! She gives me a huge smile as she goes pee pee. I smile back thinking...Yes! we have dry morning pants. I bring it to her attention! Her face tells me she is pleased. We clap quietly. Then from down the hall we hear the rumblings of a hungry brother bear. We clean up and head into his room. Very excited to see us. C shouts "morning", "brother wake up". He smiles and giggles with delight. So a hungry tummy I fill as I watch and listen to a happy, busy and now not wanting to be quiet toddler. My heart is singing with happiness. What I then realize is that we all had wins this morning. Sleeping thru the night (OK maybe tomorrow there wont be moans til 6am...but I will delight in this 20 minutes from six as that is huge right now) for all of us and dry pants for a 2year old! Must get camera is my second thought. Grin.

Mommy is going to soak it all in and enjoy the big morning wins! Praises I will sing because even the smallest personal desires through prayer are being answered.

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mamatutwo said...

What cuties they are. I love the morning hugs happy faces! And coming from the girl who has nursed her babies good and long, this is certainly not TMI!

Mary Helen/nana said...

Just so wonderful to hear that everyone had a win, win morning. Try as I could to have papa not make noise to wake little ones up, well noise he made. Nana is happy to hear sleep is there again for our little ones as well as mom & dad. Love you all, nana