Tuesday, July 29, 2008

yo baby

Travis tried yogurt for the first time yesterday and loved it. Both kids have just adored the yo baby yogurt line. I was pleased to see a plain flavor for baby's first taste of yogurt at the store. This is new (at least to me) as it was not available when Campbell could try out yogurt. I love watching them taste new things and see the "oh this is yummy mommy" light go on. I also enjoy making homemade baby food for my little ones. If anyone has some yummy recipes they want to share I would gladly take note.

Campbell @ 9 months. Mommy was a new mommy and behind the curve on the introduction..being cautious is what I prefer to call it. Could be why she is a picky eater now.

Travis @ 7 months. Mommy being more experienced now, let's the taste buds dance sooner than with first child. Which he just loves.

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