Monday, July 21, 2008

How old are you? Two!!!!

Two years ago today I delivered the most beautiful baby girl I could have ever imagined for our family. She came five weeks early, I didn't get to see her until the next day (except for a five minute span in which my husband convinced the NICU doctor to bring her to my room or commit me to another wing. ), I have nurtured her, seen her reach milestones and pass the first birthday into the toddler years. I have spent this last year helping her mind to grow and watched her blossom. Before too long it was time to add another candle...which is exactly what I did this morning. Our sweet girl turned two today and we celebrated with other two year olds and even some younger siblings with a pajama pancake party. I owe the idea to a MOPS mom (thanks Amy) and it seemed to be a hit. All the kids came in their pj's, were welcomed with bubbles then we feasted on pancakes, fruit, juice or smoothies and to top it all off we had mommy & me size cupcakes. What a morning! I hope everyone was able to get their little ones to nap after all that sugar...what a treat for Campbell as juice is reserved for special occasions such as this. This is Campbell on juice. It appears she is getting her "fix" in this picture.

Thanks to everyone that came and for all the wonderful gifts. Campbell is really developing great friendships even at this young age. It is fun to see how these little friends are weaving their ties to one another. The big underlying theme to Campbell's party was the kitchen. She got the cutest kitchen set from Nana and Papa. She couldn't be more excited about the recent update to her playroom. However, I think the Barbie came in as top favorite. She played with that doll all day her kitchen and through out the house.

This was a truly special day. Even as I reflect over how blessed I am to have her in my life, I pray that I will be granted many more years of special days and memories with Campbell. I must give a special thank you to my wonderful husband. His half meeting my half really created somebody we are so proud of. Lance really is an amazing daddy and I thank him for making it possible for me to stay home to plan birthdays, play dates, sing songs, dance and read all day every day to my children.

I am looking forward to this year of being "Two!!" It is pretty amazing to think that I have a two year old. Especially when it seems just like yesterday that we didn't even know if having children would be in the cards health wise. Thank God for healing and for being given the chance to become a mother. What a wonderful gift to be entrusted with. Campbell we have so much to do and see. The world is yours to discover. Mommy and Daddy love you!!!

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Amy @ Mom'sToolBox said...

Yay! I'm glad the party went well. She looks absolutely precious! Happy birthday, Campbell!!

Evan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLIE!! The fun's fixing to get cranked up!