Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July & the making of a gambler?

So today we celebrate the birthday of our country. Happy Birthday America! We have a neighborhood parade and in the coming years I am sure the kids will decorate their bikes and ride in the parade. But for today we were spectators and waved at all that went by. However, the kids were NOT fans of the sirens from the firetruck, ambulance and police cars. Not to mention the (forgive me) darn old people parked in the car behind all of us at the corner who honked their horn every time something "big" went by. Ugh! But it was a fun way to see the neighborhood out and about.Now on to the gambler in the family or the making of one (kidding). Travis has really taken to sitting in the Prince Lion heart Bebe pod chair. He loves to play with this juke box toy when I put it in front of him too. The funny thing is that when Campbell received this as a gift from my parents, my first thought was of Vegas Baby! It just reminds me of a slot machine. Maybe it was a flash back to when I won big and then blew it all again. I just knew I was going to get the triple American flag 7's. NOPE! Anyhow this toy really makes me think of Vegas when it is in front of Travis in his chair and how he slaps at it and giggles at the lights. Maybe he will hit it big one day and WALK AWAY!!!!!

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Changes in L(attitude) said...

Looks like you had an eventful 4th of July! The little ones are sooo cute!!! Happy belated 4th! xoxo