Monday, July 14, 2008


It amazes me at just how much love our hearts can hold. When I married my husband I knew I loved him but after the birth of our daughter (first child) I loved him even more. My heart grew to love him even more during her first year of life as he grew as a father each day. When I met my daughter for the first time I never knew I could feel that kind of love and the amount at that very moment. Now as we approach another year with her it truly is amazing at just how much my heart flows over with love for that beautiful girl of mine. At this moment I am thinking I have been blessed. I have two amazing people in my life that I love so deeply. But wait there is more. There is yet another small being that fills my heart and brings me such joy. My son Travis just completely tops me off. I just cant imagine loving someone more. His smile melts me, his cuddles warm me and his laugh, oh the laugh just makes my heart sing loudly!! I really didn't know if it would be possible to love the second child as much as the first. I wasn't sure there would be room in my heart for that same love. I think the man upstairs really knows how to make it happen though because this mommy is so in love! It is like I have been given an even bigger heart to hold all of this love. All I can say is that it is AMAZING at how much my cup runneth over! ML

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nana/papa said...

Buddy was ready to have his mom push as she tries out her new shoes. After today only 4 more days till we take off on our road trip. Hope I don't forget anything in the excitment of getting our baby hugs & kisses fix, been to long. Love, nana & papa