Saturday, July 12, 2008

Each day a little bigger

Look, look. Campbell is a BIG girl. Not only is she day potty trained but she doesn't use a sippy cup anymore. It really didn't take much effort(I put them up and never looked back) and she never asks for the sippy so it was really a (snap) piece of cake. When she wants something to drink she asks for it directly using the words for what she wants. Milk is the all time #1 while water comes in a close 2nd.

Our sweet little Travis is ready to go for bike rides. Next purchase...helmet. He really seemed like a natural and seemed to be telling Daddy, "hey let's get a move on it." with his smile.

That's it for now.


Mary Helen/nana said...

Boy oh boy a bike ride, now nana will have two, to wave at as they go on their bike rides. He looks so cute, and my big girl drinking out of a glass, wow. Good job mom and of course daddy too. Love & kisses to all. Nana & Papa

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Oh, gosh, I still have Shep drink from a sippy cup because otherwise I have a soaking wet floor!! lol!!

The Sanders House said...

i can not believe that he is already riding with dad! what a big boy!!! can you believe that travis and jack are 7 and 6 months? time goes by so fast!