Monday, March 7, 2011

my little

My little guy like cars. No he loves cars. I think the only, scratch that. the ONLY thing he likes better than cars would be trains. Yes he does love trains.

So there was a car show in town...just down the street. It was suppose to happen on Saturday and the whole family was set to go. However, the weather put a damper on the show. The show was postponed til Sunday. Which meant that daddy would have to miss it because his business trip came first.

So after Sunday School we headed home, picked up some kolaches and rolled in to say goodbye to daddy. Than the kids and I headed out to the car show.

This car show was cool. Live bands, pony rides (our kids first), rock walls, jumpy houses, etc. They called it a spring fling and car show. The best part was it was all free minus the eats if you wanted to eat.

There were SO many cars. Knowing that we would not be able two walk the aisle and aisle of cars we cruised two aisles. The kids loved it but one little little boy LOVED it. I really think his love of cars grew that day.

I kept telling him that Papa would LOVE the show too. So mental note to self is to find out when this really cool show is booked for next spring and get my dad here NO MATTER WHAT!! Did you hear that Papa...NO MATTER WHAT!!! Next year Travis will be able to walk more aisles and you'll love holding his hand and seeing the smiles and excitement on his face.

What a beautiful day. Sissy was a great sport and seemed to know that this was really special for brother bear. The only thing that was missing was daddy. What would have made it perfect would have been if Papa and Nana would have been in town.

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Mary Helen/nana said...

Well papa loved the pictures of his kids and the cars. What little of the car showed he told me what make and year. He would enjoy taking Buddy down to see cars and more then likely tell him about them.