Friday, March 18, 2011


Have you ever felt out of sorts?
Just plain out of whack?
Not all there?
Like part of you is fading?
As if you are weighted down?
Treading....treading water?
wading...wading in quick sand?
Seeing your reflection and wonder who is this?
Driving and wondering if you should just keep going?
Stopping and not able to take a breath?
Heart racing and you haven't even moved out of bed yet?
Running and running and moving no where?
In a daze?
Rut of all ruts?
listening to people talk to you but you cant concentrate on what they are saying only that they are talking way too much?
Asking yourself why must I?
Telling yourself it'll get better tomorrow?
Laughing inside but it won't come out...because there really is no reason to laugh.
Like you just can't take another "today"?
Wondered if their "life" is anything like yours or lack there of?
As if you've been led to the water but can't drink it?
Have you ever felt out of sorts? I mean really out of sorts where you are just disconnected or disconnecting?

That's how I feel. Disconnected.

I know. I know. Nothing is as bad as it could be.

However right now my "bad" just seems to have me all out of whack. a rut of ruts.

Truly, if I was a power cord....I might just have a surge.

This is my disconnect.....Maybe I'll be reset tomorrow.

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Mary Helen/mom said...

You have to believe that there is light at the end of that tunnel.
Tomorrow is always better.
Love, mom

Sarah said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean... it's just what I'm feeling these days too. Pray for me & I'll pray for you!

Beth said...

I hope you start feeling more like yourself soon. I went through something like that a few months back and it feels so terrible to feel so disconnectd. Prayers coming your way, friend!