Thursday, March 3, 2011

My City Slickers in a Rodeo World.

So it's Rodeo time! While we have yet to make it to the real rodeo downtown, we still get to have some rodeo fun at preschool. However, pretty sure my two looked like city slickers in the crowd of hats, boots, Bandana's, etc. But I loved the little cowboy and cowgirl shirts I got them.

My friend Kim makes them and if you are on facebook you can order just about
anything from her. You can find her here.

Campbell's class had more rodeo activities than the younger peeps ie, her brother.
It was fun to watch her play in the activity centers and see the fun of the day.

The chuck wagon was a hit...especially the drinky drink.

This year we will make it down to the rodeo. We have decided that we are old enough to handle some of the activities. I am so excited to go to the petting zoo and the midway...probably more than my kids at this point...glad we decided that "we're old enough."

So where ever you are...enjoy your rodeo!

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Beth said...

Your kids are just so so so very cute!

Sarah said...

love it! that rodeo looks like FUN! :)