Thursday, October 8, 2009

A star is born

Campbell loves to sing. She loves music. She often asks for it to be a "little louder" while in the car. Right now her favorite song is "I'm in the Lord's Army." I love her joy and her spirit. She shared with us over dinner a song she has learned at preschool with all the colors. We were thrilled to hear her tell us all about it and sing it over and over on request. The people dinning at Willie's ice house might not have enjoyed it as much but we sure did. When we got home we dialed Nana & Papa for their listening pleasure. They LOVED it! We LOVED it! In fact so much we had to tape it for our forever enjoyment.

Now I know you want to hear it so cozy up and give it a listen. One day you'll say you knew her when......

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Jennifer Groux said...

that is too cute!!! WE love Willies!!! A sandbox for the kids and beverages for the adults!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

I want to squeeze her :)! She is too cute!

bass family said...

SO CUTE!! I love brother's occasional additions too :)

Papa & Nana Travis said...

Nana & Papa love our cute girl and boy can she sing. Hope to hear it again on my next trip.
Papa & Nana Travis