Monday, October 5, 2009

Last night in a crib

So a few posts ago I mentioned that I was behind in posting some "firsts" around here.

Well I should share this one. It makes me a little sad but than again proud. Proud that my baby is growing and experiencing all she is suppose too in the milestones of childhood.

Campbell got a big girl bed in late August. It is the frame from my mother's side of the family. My bed for many years. It was painted white just for me. It has been in storage for some time and when we moved here it came along with us in hopes of it being used one day for a little person.

Well the day finally came. Campbell Faith, my sweet first child turned three and would be starting preschool soon. She had mastered the potty over a year prior so I figured she shouldn't go to school and exchange bedtime stories on the playground and have to admit she was still in a crib. A nice crib I might add but none the less it was time.

So thanks to Nana, who had made all her crib bedding she happily wanted to purchase Campbell's big girl bed's needs.

They bought (rather special ordered) the mattress, as apparently today's mattresses don't fit in this style of frame. We went to target and found the most perfect pink blanket. Bamboo mint green sheets, a mattress cover, pink pillow cases and a oh so yummy chocolate duvet cover for winter time. C's room has been pinks, chocolates, a tiny hint of lime green with pin stripes and floral with lady bugs and dragon flies. Oh she was almost here by the time I picked out the perfect fabric for her nursery. Getting big girl stuff was much easier as I insisted that we stay with the colors. Luck though I think when we found the duvet cover.

So the week she started school we had the bed delivered and it was set up by Wednesday. She was so excited and so ready. I think in the end mommy had a harder time.

I was probably a little naive when I thought my child was much more advance than to fall out of the bed. NOPE. Not my child. Ha! Ha! This mommy was wrong. Two bumps in the night the first night and than one big one on the second night. That second one made me decide to get the rail. So I priced them out and low and behold Nana and Papa decided to send the one they had at their home in AZ. Nice. Thank you!

In the meantime we trapped her with wall and the crib strategically placed along the bed. Now once the rail arrived it was smooth sailing until we had a little unexpected remodeling done via the a/c.

Campbell has been resting her head in numerous places since the 21 of September but from what we can tell she is easy come, easy go. Much to our delight. Some nights in brother bear's room on her mattress and box spring. They could have a co ed room some day but maybe when they are older and they understand that quiet means quiet. Some nights w/mommy and daddy. Now she is in the office for some good night rest for all.
Soon, it will be back to normal around here.

She actually said to me today. "Mommy, I want to sleep in my own room."

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Moving to a big bed is such a milestone isn't it? I cried with each one of mine. She's such a sweetie!

bass family said...

How exciting!! Hopefully she'll get to sleep in her big girl bed soon :)