Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pajama day at school

Preschool has been lots of fun. Campbell is really enjoying her time away two days a week for a whole three hours. I know, lots of moms send there kids off for longer hours but it's preschool! I don't want her away for more than three. Call me selfish. I just know that soon enough kindergarten will be here and she will be gone All Day Long!! I will hate it. Maybe by that time I will be ready but for now three hours away is plenty long for this mommy.

So let's see one of the fun days at school this year and its only been almost two months since school started is Pajama Day. The kids got to wear their PJ's to school. We had the perfect ones too because they were brand new(thank you Nana with the package that unexpectedly arrived the week prior), pink, had polka dots, long sleeves (it's kinda chilly in school) & did I mention they were pink. Ah pink, it's one of our favorite colors didn't ya know.

So here she is all ready for Pajama Day! At pick up several mom's told me that if there had been an award for cutest PJ "look" she would have surely won. That's my girl!!!

Dont ya just love the three year old cheesy grins.

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Heather Allen said...

I use to love theme days at school!! Pajama day is excellent and made even better with new fun PINK POLKA DOTTED jammies!!!

Papa & Nana Travis said...

That is one cute girl, and of course papa & nana love her and think she is the smartest little girl in their lifes.
Papa & nana

bass family said...

SO CUTE! Oh my goodness! And what a great idea - pajama day! I want one of those! :)