Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quick before the month is over.

Look at this delicious little boy. He turned 18 months and will be soon be 19 months so I had better write this post.

Travis is such a great little boy. So full of charm and will definitely be the life of the party. He does have a bit of a temper though and hmm wonder who he gets that from. My mom would say me as she would then continue to tell me of the time "I stomped off...." Come to think of it maybe she is right.

Any how enough about that. Let's talk about some facts about my little brother bear.

Loves his blankies....only these two. Same texture....different colors.
LOVES shoes! Any size and make....he has to have them on.
Calls his sister "sissy" and Say's "ssh" when we pass her room when we go downstairs after nap time (she's still sleeping)
Crazy, crazy for Nana.
Crys when Dada leaves to go outside or hit golf balls off the deck.
Mama's boy big time.
Has all his teeth but his four "I" teeth but they should be here soon because brother you have been drooling over those babies for months now.
Drinks from a big boy cup but still has his favorite sippy. So not switching him just yet.
Loves water. Drinks it, plays with it, etc. Just plain loves it.
Hearts him some puppy dogs
Wants a big boy booster seat so badly. (for the kitchen table)
Gets excited when the trash man comes on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.
Is a lite sleeper.
Just getting over yet another ear infection...tube time buddy boy.
Just crazy about mommy's work out head bands.
Blows kisses.
gives great hugs but only on his terms.
Has a puppy toy that he favors and is the only other item allowed in his bed but still prefers to sleep just with his blankies.
Can pin his sissy to the ground with little to no effort.
Thinks it's funny when mommy and daddy say "no."
Loves to bang and make lots of noise.
Loves to play "up" "down" with you on the chair or bed.
Is only squirmy getting "changed" with mommy and daddy.
Loves to sit on the potty chair. (has done both on there on more than one occasion.)
Cant get to the bath quick enough when you say it's bath time.
You are a crier. Much more than Campbell ever was but that's you being you.
Loves to climb in the jogging stroller.
Runs to his side of the car when we are going bye bye shouting "side, side"
Has more than 25 words which the pediatrician said was outstanding for a boy of 18 months.
Not afraid to carry around a purse and sport one of sissy's bows every now and again.
Hates the paper on the doctor's table.
Loves sissy.
Drives sissy crazy.
Did I mention he Loves sissy.
great night time sleeper....not a great napper but used to be.
has great hair!
likes trains and cars.
Has a BFF named Jack and he is now saying his name to boot.
Loves being outside.
Dances. Loves to dance to music and is the cutest little High Chair/car seat dancer around!

Travis you are my sweet boy and we love you so much. You have grown up so fast. Where did the time go. Just last year I was posting your sixth month post and really diving into blogging. Now you are just a stone's throw away from being two.
Slow down my little boy, I need you little just a while longer.


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Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

This is such a sweet post! Time flies, doesn't it?

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I know how you feel--I need Emma to stay little longer too. He's so cute!

Beth said...

So sweet!