Monday, January 12, 2009

Something new to read under my LOCKER ROOM side bar

What a gift children are...we all know that...even on the worst of days with tantrums and spilt milk and runny noses and the like. We are truly blessed when we become parents. For some it comes easy. For others not so much. Some will opt to adopt immediately. Some my let God help those He in trusted with medical knowledge to help them in their goal of parenthood. Others turn to someone...someone who can help, someone who is carrying the precious gift of a child for them...that someone is a surrogate. What a wonderful way to help another couple achieve their dream of having a baby. I feel blessed to know such a woman who is giving of herself and her womb to help a couple have a baby of their very own.
If you would like to follow along click here or go to my side bar under LOCKER ROOM to find this amazing journey Jennifer over at A Surrogate's Diary is about to take.

Good Luck Jennifer and blessings to all involved. You have my constant prayers.

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Jennifer said...

Awe, I'm tearing up! Thanks for the prayers & support because I can already feel some minor changes in my mood...and I've only been "shooting up" for 2 days now. I just keep telling myself, and those around me, that it will all be worth it :)

Allison said...

That was very sweet. I feel extremely blessed to have found Jenn. She's very special.