Tuesday, January 13, 2009

God was present today in my home.

****this is a follow up to yesterday's post and a question about "how?" Well we thought we had the crib on lowest setting....apparently we were wrong. So he probably used the bumpers as a stepping stone and one side of his bed is made to be lower than the back....so flip he went right over.****

God was present in our house today.
I had given Travis a bath before his 9am nap then got him dressed and put him in his bed. He was ready to sleep and curled up with his blankie went down like a dream.
Then I headed off to put Campbell in the tub. We bathe and laugh and splash around. Time to get out and dry off. Time to get dressed and head downstairs for some one on one time while brother sleeps. So we get dried off and half way dressed. I then open the closet to get her sweater. I hear her laugh and the SLAM goes the door to brothers room. You see she has realized that it is fun to open and shut doors. She also knows that this DRIVES mommy crazy!
So I quickly get her back in her room and scold her for opening brothers door and remind her that he is trying to sleep. She signs and says she is "sorry" mommy. In the meantime I hear brother cry out a little bit. Just as I shut her closet door I hear the door open and shut again and then him crying....he's been awoken and know has to work himself back to sleep. I hustle her down stairs. Telling her "how upset mommy is." She tells me "brother sleeping." I say "no, not now because you opened and slammed his door." She says "sorry brother."
So I can hear him over the monitor fussing a bit but nothing I think is worth going upstairs for. It's the usual "You woke me up, now I am pissed off" cry. As I put on her sweater and shoes he seems to calm down and I hear nothing. I think to myself "aah, he sleeps." I walk out of the play room into the kitchen and hear the hugest boom I have ever heard. I instantly think "that didn't sound good." Thinking something fell in the office but then my gut tells me "this isn't good!" In the span of seconds I hear a cry, it seems as if I fly up the stairs and fling his door open. "Oh my God!" Travis is on the floor...he's fallen out of his crib. He's crying, sitting up on his bottom but seems disoriented. I scoop him up and as if he doesn't know me he bucks away from me. Screaming at this point, I start talking to him and he seems to find comfort and calms down. My husband encourages me to put him down on the floor to see if he's OK. Travis instantly starts to crawl and laugh. Doesn't seems scared or hurt or disoriented anymore. God is good. I just know that God helped him fall in such a way that he was not hurt.
I didn't put him back to bed, I was afraid he might have a concussion. I take him downstairs and he is laughing and trying to jump out of my arms to play on the floor. I place him in the high chair while I call the doctor's office. We ironically were going in for our one year check up be it one month and a few days behind schedule...new insurance, waiting for cards. The nurse calls me back and asks me a few questions. She tells me to come in at the scheduled time and not to worry. I thank God for that as her words make me feel better.
We go in for the visit and my doctor says...this thing happens, we see it all the time. Looks like he is fine. You must have had an angel in his room. "Angel" I think to myself maybe but I think it was God.
I felt guilt ridden all day. Most of you mommy's probably know the feeling.
So poor little guy not only did he have to get 4 shots today, he got his first experience at free falling or rather being a boy...my little daredevil boy. Let's hope that he's much older before he falls hard like that again. Let's hope he never falls again.
By the way when I got home....the crib was set to the lowest setting possible, clean sheets and bumpers in place. Thanks daddy.
Thanks God for being present in my home today.

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Praise God for that, right? Thank God, we never had anyone crawl out of their crib. Yet. Knock on wood.

Its A Corny Life... said...

Poor little man! I am so glad he is ok. How in the heck did he get up over those rails? Boys will be boys I guess.

Jennifer said...

It is scary when they decide to go "crib climbing" as we call it, but so glad he wasn't hurt. I remember one morning walking into Alex's room, years ago, only to find him sleeping soundly...on the floor! We can only guess that he either crawled or fell out of his crib, then decided to go back to sleep. That was a freaky feeling!! We had no idea when it happened or how long he'd been on the floor, but he was no worse for the wear :)

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

So glad he is ok. I do that all the time...let them fuss while I deal with the other girls. Don't be hard on yourself...I think all mom's can relate to this story!

Beth said...

Wow - very scary! I'm glad T is okay. This scares me just a tad because it lets me know what I'm in for with Braydon.

Julie said...

My nephew was "placed" on a hard tile floor when he fell off of something I can't even remember. (He's almost 16 now.) But I remember my sister saying she watched it and it was like he was caught and placed on the floor. He should have crashed and crashed hard, but he was fine. Yes, I think angels are watching over our little ones. God's messengers on earth.

But just wait! They get older! And with an uncle like Evan, you know you are in for some fun.

bass family said...

Oh my goodness!! That is one of my biggest fears since one of the twins is quite the climber! I am so glad he's ok!!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

One time when she was about 8, 9 mos old I heard ER crying and went into her room, and couldn't find her - it was so weird, I could hear her crying, I knew she must be in there, but I looked all over and could not see her!! Was she invisible?? Finally I figured out she had climbed out of her crib and crawled behind the open door! It was so weird.

Someday I will tell you about how ER fell THROUGH a crib. Most horrifying experience of my life up to that point.