Monday, January 5, 2009

New Recruits

So the kids got these great little flight jackets from Nana and Papa for Christmas. I think it was more from Papa than Nana but she liked them a lot too.

You see my dad is a military man. A to the core Army Man. So that makes me an Army Brat.
I really liked being an Army Brat and for a while thought I would be a helicopter pilot just like my daddy...but my dreams were cut short when...well when...I was told I was "too short" from the Army recruiter. I was bummed at first but I still landed in the sky...I became a flight attendant...yes there was a whole other "me" before becoming a mommy.

When they opened up these jackets I was so excited. They really seemed to like them too. The patches made them especially appealing. We needed a cold day to come along to give them a good we waited and waited...finally today. Today it was cold. A high at our home of 41 degrees so it was time to wear the take flight and have some fun....some new recruit fun.

Ready to Rock and Roll this Chopper!

But Captain the bow goes with some of my patches.

Doing the Army Crawl up the stairs.

Top Solider in the Army Crawl Drill.

Don't call me a grunt.

Ready for more...Bring it on Captain!

Thanks Papa/Daddy for finding these....we love them.

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R2K said...

: )

Beth said...

Love the jackets and the pix!!! I totally forgot that you were a flight attendant! I bet you were fabulous -- you have such a wonderful personality -- upbeat enough to make the crankiest of people happy:)

Jennifer said...

So cute!!!

nana/Mary Helen said...

Papa was just so happy to come across the flight jackets for his two special kids. No time to ponder if they should be purchased or not, have to have them. They sure looked cute and the bow does go. Love nana

Evan Guy said...

Too cute!