Tuesday, June 10, 2008

true love

So I know my children love me and my husband. But it really is more of a needy love than true love. We meet their needs and they love us for that, that's the name of the game at this age. However, my daughter knows true love. You can hear it in her voice, you can see it in her eyes and most of all you can see it in her spirit. This love I am talking about is her love for her Nana (my mom). This little girl is just crazy for her and it warms my heart so much! It makes me smile when she asks for her, it makes my heart sing when they get to play with one another. Their relationship is real and definitely true love. However, they do have one obstacle in their relationship...it is long distance. I can honestly say that Campbell's heart grows fonder with the distance. I recently placed a picture on my computer as my screen saver which is a recent picture of Travis, Nana and Campbell and she is just wild about seeing her so clear and life like. I am already seeing the start of a great love relationship between Travis and his Nana. True love what joy it brings. I am so grateful that my children share this with such a wonderful person. Thanks Mom for loving my children so very much...even from a distance. Come visit soon!!!!

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Evan said...

Hey Nana! Cool post...the internet makes all of this possible...kinda neat, eh?!