Friday, June 13, 2008

Brother Naps, Sister Plays

Nap time around here, granted sleep around here is vital. I might be a sleep Nazi but I try to make sure my kids get all the rest they need. Well with two little ones 16.5 months apart nap times are similar yet so different. While I was pregnant (mid to late stages ) Campbell had decided to go to one nap a day. Never a strong napper we relish the time she is down as no nap leads to terrible temper and then a terrible evening witching hour. I was also use to the noise level being calm and quiet when she slept at least the noise I could control. However, now that there are two in the house and Travis having three nap times I have figured out that it is harder to control the noise level of an almost 2 year old. So mommy does what she can to make it some what quiet for him. Often this means spending time outside or in mommy & daddy's room playing and giggling.
Today we ventured outback and she instantly wanted to give the dogs a bath. Rounded up the pool and hose and started to play, play, play. It is funny how something as simple as water coming out of a hose can be so exciting. So as one child got the late afternoon nap he needed the other played & laughed to her hearts content. In the end mommy got what she wanted too. Big Grin!

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Evan said...

Great age! There's a whole world of things to check out....her eyes are wide open to the world!...neat...