Saturday, June 21, 2008


I saw this over at one of my favorite blog sites and just had to do it. It was harder to fill in the blanks than I thought it would be.

I am…a human “be”coming to understand myself.
I want…to give my children a sense of security.
I wish... I didn’t have to live with hypothyroidism and ulcerative colitis
I hate/strongly dislike… when people don’t turn into there own lane when driving.
I miss…being able to go outside and NOT be bitten by mosquitoes.
I fear…what I can’t control.
I feel… thankful for my life.
I hear…the dryer running.
I smell…wet doggies.
I crave…a soda every morning but don’t always get to have one.
I search…for God in every moment and in every direction of life.
I wonder…if my children think (will think) I am a good mother.
I regret…not always being as strong as God intended me to be in my life.
I love…God, my husband & children, my family & friends and animals.
I care…for others & how they feel.
I ache…when my husband travels (my heart)
I always...need to talk & feel heard.
I believe…in God.
I dance…with my children daily & wish I danced with my husband more.
I sing...when my daughter is on the potty, it amuses her.
I cry…at movies and sappy commercials.
I don’t always... get some where on time.
I fight…inner demons.
I write…in my children’s baby books & on my blog.
I never…want to live via a machine if I should be in an accident.
I listen…to my children even when they don’t say a word.
I need…to pray everyday to feel a sense of clarity and calmness.
I am happy... with my life; it is growing more joyous everyday.

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Mardon said...

Love this one! Your blog is super! Glad I came by. -M