Saturday, February 6, 2010

a way to pass the time

So we embarked on Potty Training Travis in late January and it has been better than I expected. He has caught on and although HATES being bothered to go to the potty because you know leaving your cars (limited as we have put most things away) can be SO TERRIBLE!!! insert screaming and crying here. But once he gets there he is fine. We had limited accidents the first week. The first day of the power house training was as if I had opened up a fire hydrant. But after that day it has been smooth sailing. This week was our first big outings. We went to the shoe store which with my kids is never a quick trip because 1. they LOVE shoes especially Campbell. and 2. our shoe store of choice is in a toy store. The second outing was today when Nana, he and I went to HEB. So shopped we did for not doing a "big run" and he was F-I-N-E!
Tomorrow will be church.

I am so glad we did this now as Travis is strong willed and I believe in my heart that if I would have waited until he was older that I would have world war 3 on my hands. So hats off to Travis who is doing so well. To my mom for being....AWESOME!!! To Campbell for encouraging her brother and enjoying the candy rewards herself for a job well done in the cheering section. To Daddy for being great at "quick park breaks" and "do you have dry pants checks."

However Travis might look back on this way of "passing" time in between bathroom visits as extreme torture from his big sister. Happy Potty Days Travis!

XO, Mommy

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Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Love that bow pic! Potty training is such an adventure!

bass family said...

SO CUTE! I know I need to start with the twins soon... they go when they want to... usually once a day. I'm currently lacking the motivation to do anything else ;)

Beth said...

Love, Love, Love it!!!