Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Outpatient Surgery for Travis

Today Travis went in to have ear tubes placed and adenoids removed. I was thinking he would be cranky after surgery but shortly after he realized that he was in mommy's arms in recovery he snuggled up for a good hour nap while waiting to be discharged. He drank like a champ prior to falling asleep on me and didnt even cry when they took the IV out of his right arm/wrist area.

Everyone commented on how good he did prior to surgery when they took him from me and just how great he was afterwards in recovery. He continued to surprise me at home where all day he was as happy as could be. Must be the Tylenol 3 w/that little extra kick he is on but I am also thinking that the tubes may have released some head pressure.

I just hope that ear infections stay away from him from now on. I am hoping that tomorrow he will be as happy as he was today especially since he will be in the care of my mom, his Nana. I will be off having another colonoscopy done to gather more evidence on whether or not I will need surgery. I am praying that this second look will prove the first wrong. If you want to follow my surgery blog please click here to flip over.

I have a picture of Travis on my cell phone prior to surgery and will hope that it is a post worthy picture. Will try to do that in the morning. For now, I am just grateful that all went well today and keeping my fingers crossed that he has a good nights sleep.

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Beth said...

What a little champ!!! My niece had the same procedure as Travis a few years back and since that day, she's been a totally different kid... in a great way, of course:)

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

My Zachie had ear tubes when he was 18 months old. He was barely talking before the surgery, and literally spoke sentences a week after the surgery. You'll be glad you did it!