Wednesday, July 8, 2009

not so wordless.

So out in the world right now there is this little family* who is in need of prayers. I don't think they have a blog but here is a youtube video you can watch or go to this site for more details soon. They are in AZ at Phoenix Children's and I pray that the great physician will heal their precious daughter or rather His precious daughter.
Do you have a minute to pray?

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* This family has been listed on these sites in search of prayer warriors.

Mitchell, Self and Bring the Rain.


bass family said...

Heartbreaking. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Have been, and will continue to pray!

Beth said...

Well, we do know the bees are "afrcanized" but they're not at all aggressive. Since $300 bucks didn't get rid of them the last time, we don't want to spend that kind of money again. They're tucked out of the way, so I'm hoping they won't bother us since we don't bother them.