Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a good daddy I'll be.

A boy in a house with a girl as the first child will undoubtedly play with a few girl things. Pick up a purse now and again as mommy and sister do. Play kitchen but would rather eat the toy food. Try a bow on for size. And yes folks play with a baby doll. Travis will be a loving daddy I just know it. For as much as he loves to play with the boy toys (trucks, airplanes, ride his bike, etc.) he does love him some baby boy..... doll. This is the doll we got for Campbell when we wanted to explain to her as much as we could to a child under two that a baby was coming. We specifically got a boy baby because we knew Travis was on his way. Well now he has laid claim to that boy and recognizes that he is different from the girl baby dolls in the house. When I say "Travis, where is your baby?" he goes and finds the baby...the blue baby doll. He has just learned how to actually kiss the baby and blow kisses all in one I have been trying for about a week now to get him to give his baby a kiss but he would rather me do it....typical man right. But now, now he shows he cares with a kiss. Guess he had to get to know the baby better.

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Mary Helen/nana said...

He was so cute giving his baby doll kisses and of course blowing mommy kisses. Rocking chair is getting good use by Buddy Boy. Love mom/nana

Beth said...

Super duper cute!

bass family said...

so sweet!