Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Lately I have had trouble falling asleep. Some nights it's because I am here alone with kids and I get well.....scared. Other nights it feels like those insomnia pregnancy nights when you just cant get comfortable enough to sleep. Tonight.....I just don't know what is keeping me up well OK it could be that Campbell might have had her first honest to goodness nightmare. I was just about asleep. You know that hazing faze right before lights out America. Then BOOM! Screams and shouts loud enough to wake the neighborhood but certainly not Daddy or brother bear. I grab my trusty flash light and sprint up the stairs. She is carrying on about how she "needs kitty, bear and rabbit" (these are items she sleeps with and low and behold right there next to her.) I look around and see that they are there. I settle her down and cover her back up. She drifts off to sleep within 20 seconds...was she even awake?....don't think so. Ugh! But you guessed it, Mama's up. Just cant fall back to sleep. Any good bed time stories or remedies out there?

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Jennifer said...

My daughter has been doing this for the past five nights also. What is going on with these kids? I'll try to watch a non bloody show of some kind, with all the lights off. That usually helps me go back to sleep.

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Oh I meed some advice too. We just entered the dream stage with Ella...nothing like being ripped from your sleep :)! Wish I had some good advice for ya!

Jennifer said...

I fear that this will be me tonight! I have spent the day not feeling well, and after sleeping for almost 2 hours today (which usually wouldn't faze me), I am wide awake at 10:55 which looks to be a problem! Uugghh!! I am stressed beyond stressed-dom and now not sleepy.

Did you get any good bedtime stories???

Jennifer said...

Oh, one side-note to this post....if she continues with the bad dreams, try putting on a CD with just worship music (with vocals or just instrumental). Morgann is prone to night-terrors, so we painted angels all around her room (thanks Tracy Pullen!) and we play worship music. Seems to have solved the problem :)