Friday, May 22, 2009

Anything she can do, I can do better

So my kids are, well.....competitive. They compete for attention, food, toys, laps, hugs, kisses and now, now they compete for the potty. Yes. The potty chair.

It all started back when Travis started walking....he wandered into the bathroom from time to time and discovered it. The little white Bjorn potty and since then it has been an evolving relationship.

First he just wanted to poke at it. Then he wanted to move it around. Then he wanted to be there when she was on it. Next came sitting on it. Then the race to see who would get to it first during our visit to Nana's house in April. Recently he started bolting for it when you say pee pee or potty in any given context. Today he banged on the door to the laundry room (which at first I thought he just wanted to find the dog) so I let him in and then he banged on the powder room door (no dog in there) so I opened the door not saying a word. He turned around and looked at me saying "pppp-e" while bending down to sit on the potty. I was stunned. I said "so ya have to go potty?" he just said "pppp-e" with a smile. finally I coaxed him out of the bathroom, changed his pants that were yes folks....wet.

(excuse the phone photo quality)

But tonight, tonight we had the duel for the potty. As we went upstairs for bath time I mentioned that we needed to go potty first. Campbell more concerned about taking her sandals off just stands to the side lines as her baby brother darts for the potty. I say "so you have to go potty?" and he smiles saying you guessed it.... "pppp-e" and I say "well let's pull down your pants and take off you diaper" when I see sister make a mad dash to the potty chair. Campbell decides she has to use it pushing him out of the way. He seems disgruntled by the push but shuts the door while we wait, wait for her to finish. Me, thinking his interest in bath time has probably over taken the urge to sit on the potty tells him "we will take a bath soon baby."
However, Tonight, TONIGHT he seizes the moment. He notices that she is up and done and he briskly moves toward the potty. I see that he is going to sit down and I say "wait let's take a few things off baby." So I drop his pants, undo his cloth bottom and he sits. Me thinking "he'll be up in two seconds" then I notice, notice that he scoots himself into a more comfortable position on the potty and wait for it readers, wait for it......he goes pee pee!!!!! He went pee pee in the potty chair!!!!! I was so excited for him....he seemed pleased too. The whole family was clapping and praising the pee in the Bjorn potty chair.

So let's see when comparing baby books. He sat up before she did, crawled before, walked before, ran before and now.....could he possible potty train before she did. She did it at 22 months and he is 17 months....Competitive kids I have in my home.

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Its A Corny Life... said...

Yeah Travis! That's the funniest story! Got your message today. Sorry I haven't called. Abby has been sick since last Saturday and has been...well...a handful to say the least. I will try to call you tomorrow.

Mary Helen/nana said...

Maybe before nana get there he will be going more and more on the potty. My little ones are just so darn smart. Love nana

Jennifer said...

YAY!!!! That is fabulous news. I hope he gets it completely.

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Great! Hope he keeps doing well!

Beth said...

that is wonderful! perhaps i need to get a potty chair so braydon can become familiar with it just in case bray decides to begin traing (like travis) at 17 months.