Thursday, April 23, 2009

Teriffic Tip Thursday

So for all you Cloth diapering mama's that use Bum Genius.
I just called them to see how I went about replacing the tabs on my "all in one's" because after two babies* they have worn down. They said they would send me the tabs and the laundry tab....for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it, surly she was incorrect in saying free, but no my ears didn't deceive me.....sending me 8 for free. I will get to fix 6 diapers up and have two on hand for spares.
Let me tell you if you want a great quality diaper and GREAT customer Bum Genius from Cotton Babies.

*fixing for a potential third or maybe for a lucky friends hand me downs stash. As of right now they will just get fixed and sit in a drawer....tick tock till a decision is made. Smile.

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