Sunday, April 19, 2009


Praying for Stellan is what is on my mind this Sunday evening as I listen to my little ones fall off to dreamland. He is set to have surgery this Tuesday. Please keep this family and sweet boy in your hearts and on your mind. This is week four of being in the hospital and he is now in Boston where hopefully they will be able to work miracles with God's blessings on this already "miracle" baby.
Thank you.

Prayers for Stellan

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Beth said...

Stellan and the Mck's have been on my mind, too. Today's church sermon reminded me so much of My Charming Kids. It's amazing how many people read her testimony of faith in Christ and God (daily) and I can't help but wonder how many of her readers are being lead to Christ for the first time just from simply reading her blog. I truly believe God is using her and Stellan in a way that is much bigger than all of us can imagine!